FiM and Robotics Game Day

Why is it that FiM doesn’t publish or record for playback the Robotics Game Day broadcast? They do a great job as a production and is way more entertaining to watch. Is FIRST keeping them from doing it so as to not make the rest of their broadcasts look bad? They kept the broadcast from MSC last year up for a couple months then took it down for some reason. Without a full broadcast replay you miss out on some explanations of events. Like the second match of Finals at Troy #2 this past weekend. Blue had the lead going to the charging station and both teams triple climbed then it just says red won somehow.

They have the recordings for Robotics Game Day up on the FirstInMichigan youtube channel if that is what you are looking for:


What happened was that penalties were not finalized till after the match, so the real-time scoring was not accurate to the actual score at that point in time.

I wasn’t stating there was, but without context you have no idea why. All you can do is guess

Dan Kimura did a good job explaining the penalties during the Game Day coverage, but unfortunately the camera didn’t catch what he was seeing. The fouls are easy to see in the TBA video, beginning at about 1:50.

Sometimes fouls are recorded in near-real time, and sometimes the foul entries need to be corrected later. My own view is that this is just part of the game; there’s no reasonable expectation of having an accurate real time score display to guide strategy during a match.


Though true, this years spectator UI is egregiously uninformative this year. Scores and # of Links … wheee.

Possibly engaged (that battery charge icon?) but not real useful since its obvious by the bright lights on the charge station.

Why aren’t the pair of 9x3 grid representations on there? It would make life easier for everyone and also make it obvious to both drive teams if there are scoring delays occurring or if hybrid piece is not scored since it has fallen over the line. FWIW, this is live updated on the head table’s scorekeepers screen.

And maybe as long as I am ranting even include a set of penalties counters (gasp!) – though I don’t recall those ever having been on the big screen.


I have to agree. In my limited experience as a live spectator in 2023, I have found this audience display especially useless.


Note that the blue box in section 11.3 lists several things that are not arena faults, including:

b. delay in the playing of an ARENA sound,
c. mismatch between the timer on the audience screen and the ARENA timer,
d. any adjustment or delay in assignment of a penalty (including those made
after the MATCH).

It doesn’t specifically say, but if the score on the big screen is lagging real time, that shouldn’t be an ARENA FAULT either.

I’ve noticed several matches in which scores were very low at the end of auto, and they didn’t correct until a while after auto finished. Or scores changed after the final buzzer, which couldn’t be solely attributed to CHARGE STATION points. Sometimes the game pieces might be entered on the tablet a little late. Sometimes fouls need to be adjusted after the end of the match, such as if refs are unsure of who entered the fouls on the tablet, and need to correct double or missing entries. But I think a major reason we’re seeing scores change unexpectedly is because of delays in FMS.


I think this view is outdated to be honest. Years ago when you had a wide margin between the good teams, the really good teams, and the ok teams live scoring wasn’t as important because you isually had one alliance that was far superior to the other alliance. With the advancement of cots it has had a profound impact on quality of robots, and tightened the gap considerably between the grouping of teams. To go along with how easy it was to design a robot that could excell in this years game. All those things together make real time scoring even more important to know if you need to run one more game piece or just balance early

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