[FiM] Anyone have a clue as to the Holdback spots on the events?

Currently at this time there are two events open to register, Livonia has 5 spots, and Marysville has 1 Spot.

Kettering2 prior to the second registration opening today at 11am, showed 4 spots open, yet there was not a single team registered for Kettering2?

The attached list shows the teams registered for the event, the line is at the 30 team point which in the past has been typical, holdback for rookie teams that FiM has used in the past.

I can’t make any sense of this, how Kettering2 has 4 teams listed, and is waitlisted.

2017_MI_Teams_Registration_v6_Scott McBride-rev3.pdf (28 KB)

2017_MI_Teams_Registration_v6_Scott McBride-rev3.pdf (28 KB)

No clue but seems really strange. On open there we’re 0 spots open at Centerline. Not sure what’s going on with hold backs. I get there needs to be some but it seems way off.

Unrelated note, but in your attachment the AA event is listed in wk 6. It was moved and is now during week 2. Just fyi (:

Yes, thanks I also missed the Gull Lake event too in my haste. . .

Updated sheet from just now.