FiM Championship Photos and more

Hi all!

My name is Jon Skowronek. And I have been doing Event Photography during every week of the competition season here in Michigan. I know its very late to be making this post. But, I have to admit, it did not occur to me to come to Chief Delphi to post these. Which is silly considering I have been a part of FIRST for 12 years now (with a 4-year break). But, I digress.

I first picked up a DSLR after being inspired by Dan Ernst’s Photos as a student and mentor a few years ago, and enjoyed working side by side with him this year at the FiM championship.

I would like to invite everyone to take a look at my photos from this year. These photos are free for everyone to use as you please.

There are images from the following FiM events:
Kettering #1
Center Line
MI Championship (Dow Division Eliminations)

Hopefully, some of you guys find some great pictures of your team from this year!

Thanks for sharing your talent with the FIRST community. There’s some really great shots here. Excellent work!

Some amazing photos in there, hope you continue to do this, thank you!

Great shots in there! Keep up the good work!

Thank for sharing!