FIM declines

How many teams usually decline FIM states?

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no clue, but I suspect this year will be more frequent just because COVID and the impact on sponsorships. I await the same info because I am rooting for a team that is just on the cusp. (They have been using our field and their students and ours get along awesomely.)

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Ok, yeah thats what I was thinking. We only have enough money because of a go fund me and we need 7 declines to get in

When we will know how many declines there are

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No we are 164. Im on team 7658

FYI, 7658 is #165 now. I didn’t catch what changed, but it appears that some team that used to be between 157 and #209 moved above 157. Maybe Walled Lake and/or Woodhaven awards weren’t quite up-to-date?

I don’t think the number is typically published (although you can figure it out from who ends up attending).

There was an email that Gail Alpert from FIM sent on April 5 to lead mentor(s) in FIRST’s system, which included a form for teams to opt in/out of the waitlist for states. I recommend making sure that whoever got that email from your team has filled out the form if you are concerned about being close to the cutoff. (Edit: or they should be prepared for a call, per below)

And Gail was calling teams this evening confirming their plans to attend.


In 2019, we found out at 7pm on Tuesday night that we would be going and had to leave at noon the next day… We had just cancelled our hotel at around 5pm since we thought there was not a chance. I think we were about 4 down on the wait list that year.



We spoke with the FIM director and they said every team accepted. 0 declines this year.

So did 8332 (rank 21) change its mind?

I was just going to post this

There is definitely at least one decline :slight_smile:

So… 3538 is not coming and 8332 is? :wink:


I guess they changed their mind, idk


Its really frustrating to me because we missed the cut by 1 point. At lakeview we lost three ranking points we should have had in a match because stryke force hit us when we were climbing and our rope broke, then they penalized us for extending too high and penalized us AGAIN for our scorer being extended over stryke force’s perimeter when we fell. They didn’t give us the free climb. We lost that match by one point. Those three ranking points would have put is in 12th, and we would have gotten two more district points and qualified for states.

As one of the coaches for 8332, I can definitely state that 8332 is one hundred million billion percent not going to MSC. As has been said in this thread and others. I don’t know what the conversation with the “FiM Director” entailed, so there may have been a misunderstanding on one or both sides of that conversation.

I am also aware of at least one other team that is declining their spot. So there is a disconnect happening somewhere.

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Link to video for reference.


The climber rope would have snapped anyways when we released tension, but if they didn’t bump us we would have latched onto mid before that happened and won the match still.