FiM Detroit Stats Sheet

Got bored, so here’s a current list of statistics for the Week 3 First In Michigan Detroit competition. This accounts for win percentage, cargo points, hatch panel points, HAB points, sandstorm bonus points, OPR, DPR, and CCWM.

Each cell with the top right corner in black have a comment attached, which you can rollover to see. Team numbers with a comment include what competition they participated in and if they were included in a playoff alliance. Statistic headers with comments include the top three teams in that section and whatever 5498 is ranked at (since we made it).

Teams who are playing for the first time are excluded in Sheet 2 and included in Sheet 1. Since no one will be participating in week 2, teams either played in week 1 or will be playing their first competition in week 3.

Feel free to use this for strategy and statistics or whatnot! If you’d like to see something added, leave a request in the comments. Week 3 FiM Detroit Competition Stats

Good luck to you guys!

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Is this data manually imported to the spreadsheet? I don’t see any formulas and as view only I can’t see if there’s a script.

Manually entered!

One day you will learn.



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