FiM District Championship "Predictions"


Got you this time @langsley757

Although divisions haven’t been released yet. We should discuss the biggest players at States.

The Big Names
As we all know The Killer Bees (33) have done very well this season with a Four-Banner season so far, but this competition may be their downfall if they don’t practice how to get around effective defense.

Although they had disappointing exits at both their Lincoln District and East Kentwood District, Team HOT (67) could be deadly at States. With their H-drive and fast level three climb if their schedule plays out well expect them in the top 3 in their division.

With some Great finals matches at East Kentwood, Expect Stryke Force (2767) and Strike Zone (5460) to be just as dominant at States. If Stryke Force plays their cards right they could keep the streak of being on FimStein for their third straight year. Strike Zone has the fastest solod rocket that I have see in the State of Michigan, but with their third level climber not performing at its best capability you may see them dependent on their schedule.

Although their first two tournaments this year didn’t go so hot. You definitely could see The ThunderChickens (217) doing very well at the state level. They could also go with some more improvements because that’s what the ThunderChickens do.

Rounding out the big names, would be The RoboJackets (3538) and Tech Vikes (2054). The RoboJackets may have similar problems to the Killer Bees with the competitions that they attended to not be as deep as some other events ran. The Tech Vikes expect them to rank very high especially with the capabilities to solo a rocket and a quick third level climb selecting the right partners may book them a spot on FimStein.

Potential Powerhouses

With appearances on FimStein and Einstein last year expect The Brighton TechnoDogs (3707) and The Comets (3357) to be quite deadly especially with experience at high levels of play. The TechnoDogs will be quite deadly especially with the ability to double climb with just about anyone. The lack of a working climber for the Comets might be their downfall. With the ability to almost solo a rocket consistently and a new pass off hatch floor mech they could be a deadly teleop bot.

Although this maybe a little biased, it’s my opinion. I honestly think that The Dragons (302) could be deadly at the state championship with disappointing exit at the Jackson District and some good finals matches at Marysville they could make a really good run if they speed up their hatch game.

Although last week was their first event win this year. The Foley Freeze (910) is really good this year will a buzzer beating climb and the ability to solo a rocket they will rank high. Foley will need to improve their cargo game to become elite.

The Fighting PI (1718) this year took a large step from where they were last year, but this year with the suction climb have the ability to climb with a partner. They are a very good hatch bot and you could see some solo rockets from them in the future.

The UnderDogs
Don’t be surprised to see The CyberSoliders (7491) to be a huge threat as a second pick at the state championships. They have been in two finals positions and work with a lot of good teams at Kettering

Some of the really good low bots will start to become lower and lower ranked due to the amount of rocket rankings point completed. Expect The Wings of Fire (51), Big MO (314), or Team ROBOTICS (107) to be good in this catergory.

This section is for the team that could do very well or flop at states

The Chimeras (1684)
The Gems (4362)
AzTech Eagles (4680)
Enginerds (2337)

With 28 teams coming to battle it out hoping that 5 will make it to worlds I’m predicting that:
The Fighting PI (1718)
The Hammerheads (226)
The Frog Force (503)
Grizzly Robotics (66)
The Dragons (302)

If you have any other Opinions put them down below!
Edit: I put numbers in :smile:



Well, I’m glad somebody recognized us as having the potential to do well! I hope we don’t “flop” though… I guess we’re just gonna have to do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen!

If I had to throw out another team that I think will do really well, I’d have to be The Flying Toasters (3641). We played with them at Detroit and not only are they good rocket cyclers, but they can push defense bots around like they’re nothing and have a fast climb that can go from either 1 to 3 or from 2 to 3.

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I’m going to leave this here.




With all of these big powerhouse teams in the mix, I would like to mention 6569. A team from a small town with 6 students, robot made from scrap parts, and no scouts. Ranked 5 in Michigan. Captained both winning alliances at their district events. Solid robot with a level 3 climb.

Given the competitiveness of their two competitions, they would make a killer first pick. But other than that, obviously 33, 1023, 5460, 27, 2767, 67, 3357, 1684, 217, 4003, 302, 910, 862. 3602, 1596, 6088 would be a good second pick for this level competition.



For people that are not super well versed with FiM teams, it would be nice if you included team #'s in addition to team names.



1918 was one of the best robots at the Kentwood competition. They are fast and great at getting around defense. I predict FiMstein in their near future.



Broken record? Broken record. 1918

Alot of your powerhouse teams have not proven extremely effective against defense.

From what I’ve seen, 3357, 1918, 910, and 2054 are the teams that handle defense best. (Not in that order, not limited to these teams)

Edit: Also gonna add that 2nd picks are gonna make or break some alliances at MSC

Edit edit: Gems (4362) is gonna kill. Killer vision tracking & auto placement, plus an almost 2 hatch sandstorm is gonna be very valuable.



I know, some I think are good against defense. Some i know are good against defense. Its just how well you score. Also i know i forgot about 1918. It was an accident I’m sorry.



Oh also, 3357 has a working climber as of Saturday at Forest hills

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2851 has to be mentioned as a sleeping giant, they don’t have a lvl 3 climber but if they’re paired with the right robot they could be scary. I don’t think they will be captains without a climb but they have potential to be a scary pairing.

27 has a lot of potential as well to be great come MSC, they have shown a ton of promise.

How couldn’t I mention 3538 as well? They’re a spooky good robot, they won’t let anything slip this year after falling just short last year with such a good robot. (Sorry about curie <3)

As many people are saying, 1918 needs to be put up as a bona fide powerhouse. Taking down the double Strike alliance is just too much of an accomplishment to not get recognized.

At the end of the day I don’t see any team that’s so good that they have a guaranteed ticket to FiMStien, this year’s MSC is going to be an absolute CIRCUS. Whoever has the best strategy and the most reliable robot to make it through the marathon of elims can take down any alliance, citing 1918 at EK. I can’t wait.



2851 has a level 3 climb as seen in the linked match.



So they do! It’s very slow, but having it at all is a big deal. Thanks for the link!



I agree with 2851 especially with we were at our last comp with them. The only thing about them was if you hit them right their intake was fragile. Hopefully that fixes itself, but if it doesn’t that’s something noteworthy

27 is good, but at MSC they might be in the hit or miss category due to the amount of hatches they would be able to place. Again they could do very well

Again 1918 is awesome i did mention 3538 both of which i could see on FiMStein

Also could see basically any robot mentioned in this thread on FiMStein with the right scenario.



I don’t really know what category they would fall in, but 3542 SPEED should not be overlooked. As far as I know, they are one of the few teams that have done a two hatch front cargo ship sandstorm and their cycling is pushing double digit averages.

My post may contain a bit of bias but they are still worth the mention.



I forgot about them! Ridiculous cargo bot.



MSC is going to be stacked this year. I mean, it usually is a really strong event but it’s something about this year that I think any of the top 20 or 30 teams could make a run. Even the very top robots have shown their flaws at times, so it really is anyone’s game. I can’t wait for divisions to come out



Tuesday night. Or maybe sooner, if every invited team confirms sooner.

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It might be like last year where I felt that if the team didn’t get 4RP in a qualification match, they were losing ranks, but I have a feeling that this year there will be some serious anti rocket defense.



I have the same feeling – 3.5+ will be much more common at States. HAB3 climbing will be like the co-op in 2015 – someone has to do it, but the job usually will not fall to a rocket-filling robot, since that job has to be done, too. The robot that stows the final rocket cargo will likely be last to the HAB, if the alliance is going for 4RP. Only good news here is that defenders will have already left the scene to avoid G16.

Rocket defense has to be steady up to T-20 – hard to do, unless only one rocket is in play.

We’ll see many 6RP matches.



I assume you mean rocket filling, or else we have been playing two VERY different games.