FiM District Events Schedule

Events on FIRST website as of 10/1/2021

March3-5: Kettering 1
March 10-12: Kettering 2, Gull Lake
March 17-19: Muskegon
March 24-26: West Michigan
March 31-April 2: East Kentwood, Lakeview

You’re missing 3 events from that list.

Week 2 - Milford
Week 5 - Macomb and Troy


That’s two :smiley:

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Are Troy and Macomb the same event? I thought that was two in Week 5.

Anyway, there are likely to be a few more 2022 FiM events. Assuming there are any.

I seriously hope so. This set of locations is worse than 2009 for the UP (we at least had Traverse City then).

If its anything like FiM has done in the past, they won’t release an event until they finalize everything for that event to take place. In past years, and I’d expect this year as well, a few more events will trickle out over the next month or so as everything gets nailed down.

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It is surprising that they posted any if they only have these 10 confirmed, normal procedure has always been wait to dump them all at once and then maybe add one or two depending on necessity. Definitely an odd break in traditional practice this year.

Does that mean anything? Probably not.


As a host for an FiM event, I do not know why some were released and not all of the currently committed events.

I want you to know there are two likely UP hosts currently. Many events who hosted for years in the past are not returning so your usual host spot may have changed.

That being said, Battle Creek at Lakeview High School is a spacious event with many hotels and restaurants located nearby. We love to host our friends from the UP and we cannot wait for you to register for our event Week 5! :grin:


Another 10 events were just added (for a total of 20) today.


Week 1 - Kettering 1, Forrest Hills, Detroit
Week 2 - Kettering 2, Gull Lake, St. Joseph, Rochester
Week 3 - Muskegon, Livonia, Escanaba, Northern Michigan,
Week 4 - West Michigan, Belleville, Midland, Lansing, Saline
Week 5 - East Kentwood, Lakeview, Macomb, Troy
Week 6 -
Week 7 - ?? (Easter)

At this moment it looks like Milford evaporated.

Given there are currently zero week 6 events it may be possible that FIM is attempting to avoid having MSC land on Easter weekend. Which is very interesting, I’m curious to see if this is just a coincidence or if they are waiting to see if they need week 6 events.

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No Alpena yet?

There will likely be five Week 6 events. I do not know the reason as to why this is coming out in chunks.

Week 7 will be the MSC.

We’re missing probably 8-10 events still off this list, just based on numbers, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about missing events yet.

MSC is up now.

Week 1 Kettering 1
Forest Hills
Detroit (Cass Tech)
Week 2 St Joseph
Kettering 2
Gull Lake
Rochester (Stoney Creek)
Week 3 Livonia
N. Michigan (Petosky)
Week 4 West Michigan
Week 5 Troy
East Kentwood
Week 6 Traverse City
Walled Lake
Woodhaven (Fri-Sun)
Week 7 MSC (@ SVSU)

What is the venue in Saline in FiM? The High School? If so, that’ll be interesting. I don’t recall a competition being there before. I’m surprised they don’t hold a competition at the Robotics Center at UofM.

Yes, Saline HS. It’s a new locale this year, along with N Mich (Petosky) and Rochester Stoney Creek.

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That’s good. I can volunteer there since it’s only 20 minutes from my house!

No Southfield? :frowning:

I highly doubt this. I’m guessing it’s just not listed yet. I would be very surprised if there were only 2 week 1 events, and given Southfield’s track record and history, I would still expect to see it week 1. Only reason I could see it not showing up is if Southfield has some kind of COVID related block.

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There are 3 events, I assume you missed Kettering one since it is on the Bolded line. But it’s odd week 1 would only have three. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Southfield added there.

I do not know any of the story/reasoning/etc., but Southfield will NOT return as host this season.

No information about 2023 or beyond.