FIM District Points Update

FIRST In Michigan’s district championship changed to 105 district points for champions on top of the other points by their division. I’d like to know why if anyone knows, it seems strange that they changed that but not for district championship finalist after divisions. Thank you

Not sure where your getting this from. It’s 30 points every time they advance in the tournament. Finalists would’ve gotten 30 after divisions and winners would’ve gotten 60.

Is this official? It does not appear here (as of this post). Maybe someone at TBA has advance knowledge? Now I see it; points for each FiMstein team are explained on the team’s page.

I’ve updated my earlier post to agree with TBA.

Top twelve are the same but in different order; now State Champions (AC and 1st pick) have the most points, and 862 moves up six spots. Maybe this has some effect on CMP division assignments, based on the published algorithm.

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I’m still not seeing how 862 is getting 105 points on the blue alliance. It seems to be a wrong calculation on TBA based on the fact there were 5 games in the FimFinals.


That being said the official page is missing 24 points each for the E.I. winner, 3618, and the two Rookie All Stars, 7598 and 7656.


Now that the championships are behind us, this got corrected today. Those 3 teams ended up ranked 111th, 162nd, and 89th respectively.

This rippled with some small movements in the final FiM ranking orders for teams in the middle of the pack but it wouldn’t have changed the actual DetChamps invites as all three teams that were missed already received their automatic invitation.

Thank you