FiM District Schedule?

Pretty self explanatory, when can we expect the event schedule for 2014 to be released? Anyone know? I’m just dying to know since FIRST has started releasing other event dates.

Week 1 (Feb 28-March 1)
Centerline HS
Southfield HS (new)

Week 2 (March 7-8)
Kettering University
Gull Lake HS

Week 3 (March 14-15)
Howell- Parker MS (new)
Escanaba HS (new)

Week 4 (March 21-22)
Traverse City
West Michigan

Week 5 (March 28-29)
St. Joe

Week 6 (April 4-5)

Week 7 (April 10-12)
EMU for State Champ

Week 9 (April 23-26)
St Louis



Are these the official dates? When will they be on FiM’s website, or FIRST’s?

Anyway, good to see that the Esky event will in fact be happening (woo! an event three hours away is really close)

There was a Email sent out from Gale today… These are official…