FIM Events Postponed

Part of the good time is competing, though. Being in a hype environment with some of my best friends is one of the top reasons that I keep coming back every year


Personally I would like to thank the people at FIM who made this decision, for two things. First, for holding off as long as they could, and more importantly, for acting quickly when the information changed. In my opinion this decisive action is a better result than remaining to wonder, week to week, what will happen next.

Everyone is disappointed about this decision. But if losing events is the most this virus disrupts our lives, we will be fortunate. At the end of the day, no matter how much robotics consumes our lives during the season, it is not as important as protecting our communities, economy, and family members. When dealing with exponential growth, waiting until it seems like the right time to act, means one has waited too long.

As for FRC, I challenge all mentors to make the most of this situation. Competitions are inspiring. But as mentors, can we not inspire our students by impressing upon them that they are making sacrifices for the greater good? Or that they are living through a historical event? Or even that all their efforts throughout the season, and everything they learned, stand on their own merit even without a competition? I believe we can, and this will be my focus in the coming days. I use the word challenge because this is not easy, but I know we as a community can do it, and I invite others to join in this endeavor.

Ten years from now, these competitions will not matter. But the growth our students experience from how we react to the circumstances will. Let us invest our efforts accordingly.

-Cameron (team 1188)


Hopefully FIM is figuring out a way to give teams district points like FIRSTWA, who is also trying to figure that out.

Find a way to do virtual interviews for Chairman’s and maybe figure out a way to have virtual competition this season?

Just a suggestion since I can’t say how I really feel.


As an immunocompromised individual, I would rather get out and have some fun while I still can rather than sit at home and wait for the virus to reach my county.


Please, for your safety, understand the facts surrounding the virus. Comparisons to the flu are wildly wrong and the harm is not necessarily the young population attending events, but the grandparents and at-risk populations students may bring the virus back to.

More broadly, for a competition centered around STEM, the ignorance of basic science and medicine is concerning.


“More broadly, for a competition centered around STEM, the ignorance of basic science and medicine is concerning.”

Hear, hear.


Why doesn’t FIM offer at least the opportunity to compete for chairman’s virtually? Can do virtual interviews or do something where you send out the questions that you would ask in an interview for the presentation teams and allow them to send back a video answering your questions along with their chairman’s videos if they have them. At the very least teams could at least get recognized for that work virtually. just an idea so that teams don’t feel like the season is completely wasted.

Now I understand why FIRST posted the 2021 season teaser already. Might as well go ahead and start the speculation on next year’s game.


At least for PNW, according to the webinar last night, awards judging, including Chairmans, will continue at the postponed events to be held in fall. There is discussion about remote interviews for the Deans List nominees so they can be recognized at Worlds this year (but who here really thinks those are going to happen at this point?)

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We are ~3 hours out from the announcement.
There are a lot of questions that have yet to be answered, by both FIM and FIRST HQ.
Let’s give them some time to figure out the next steps in this unprecedented situation.


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dude do you seriously want your students going to an event, getting coronavirus, and going home and passing it onto their baby siblings or their grandparents and getting them sick and potentially dying because of a robotics competition? Also 2 is what’s being REPORTED. I’m of the belief that our government isn’t telling the full truth right now or is unable to manage the situation so we don’t know what the true numbers are.


Yeah I totally understand! From an outsiders view it seems early but it’s much better to be safe than sorry, especially with how big these events are!

What we are finding in Seattle and Washington is that 2 is not 2… its probably orders of magnitude more and growing… We just don’t know how many people are infected at this point because it was difficult to get testing done. Many are asymptomatic… What we know is just the “tip of the iceberg”
I don’t think anyone can wait until the numbers are high to try and apply measures.

We do know that if you limit social contact, the virus can’t propagate as quickly.
If it grows too quickly, we will overwhelm the health system and then we have problems we don’t want to think about happening.


I would much rather over-react to this issue than under-react and have no recourse. It’s a risk versus reward scenario and the risk is more than just some people getting the flu. I agree with you.


I followed the politics, and it says that we aren’t testing enough people just so we can keep up the appearance that this isn’t spreading. Of course 2 is not 2.


For reference here, as of yesterday, their were 3 cases in Wisconsin.

They’ve tested 39 people.

As of today, their are now 6 cases. And 59 people tested.


It’s not about my life that I worry about, but of those who may get affected by my actions. I would err on safety and chill.


In situations like this, it’s better to overreact and catch a lot of short-term flak for seemingly worrying about nothing, than under-reacting, which would COVID-19 continue to spread unchecked.

Italy reported their first confirmed community-spread case of COVID-19 on Fen 21.

Only 17 days later on Mar 9, the entire country went on lockdown. Their hospitals are already dangerously close to being completely overwhelmed.

COVID-19 could flare up REALLY fast and completely overwhelm the US healthcare system if no preventative action is taken. It’s up to all of us to help #FlattenTheCurve