[FiM] FiMside Scoop 1: The Return

FiMside Scoop Week One: The Return

It’s a new season, and after a year’s hiatus FiMside Scoop has returned to fill all of your Michigan FRC prediction needs. As before FiMside Scoop will seek to give you a broader view than a cursory TBA search will get you, looking at the big picture to decide on Top Teams for each event. It will also give you a Matchup to Watch at every event, those Teams In the Mix looking to knock off those top teams, Udder-rated teams you may not be paying attention to, and Rookies poised to pop off. This should work to give you the complete flavor of FiM.

Now, time to dive in.

Traverse City: Into the Freezer

One of the seven original district events, Traverse City is a mainstay in FiM. Giving the teams from the Northern Mitten their first chance to shine early in the year, the field may be dominated by a couple visitors coming from a bit further south. With six of their last combined nine district events ending with wins, 1918 and 3357 are looking to lock in an early event win in 2020.

Featured Matchup of the Event: 4377 vs The Chairman’s Field

The Boyne City Blaze are on a three year streak of a Chairman’s Award at their first event with the unique distinction of winning in the UP, Northern Michigan, and Metro Detroit. With solid outreach that has allowed them to beat out numerous teams, they face hefty competition at TC. Three other teams (3357, 3618, and 5086) have won Chairman’s in the last two seasons, and they will be hungry to take the crown away from Boyne.

Top Teams: 1918, 3357
In the Mix: 3688, 3767, 7160
Udder-rated: 1596, 1711, 3572, 5560, 6087, 6121
Rookie to Watch: 8041

MCC: The New Flavor

The brand new Macomb Community College district is looking to be one of the most competitive of the week. Some of the best from the Detroit Metro Tri-County Area jumped at the chance to join this Week 1 event when it was announced, so it may come down to who is able to get past the early season jitters most quickly to take home the banner.

Featured Matchup of the Event: 910 vs Early Event Struggles

Despite not missing the elimination tournament at an event since 2013, The Foley Freeze have traditionally struggled at their first event of the year. In four of the last five years 910 has been eliminated in the Quarterfinals at their first event, and with a stacked lineup at MCC they will have to work hard to break this streak in 2020.

Top Teams: 302, 1718, 3641
In the Mix: 217, 910, 2834, 3539, 4680, 5436, 6077
Udder-rated: 1188, 4961, 5843, 5860, 7226
Rookie to Watch: 8398

Kettering 1: Tastes of Home

Like Traverse City, Kettering has hosted a district event since FiM’s inception in 2009. Even after splitting into two back to back events in 2016 the Kettering events have continued to pull from a similar pool of teams every year, putting a lot of familiar faces at this event. With some perennial favorites making their early season debuts, and Kettering’s inserting of themselves as a major sponsor of FIRST, a lot of eyes will undoubtedly be on this event.

Featured Matchup of the Event: 2337 vs The Hype

The EngiNERDs will undoubtedly be one of the most hyped teams going into Kettering, due in large part to their reveal video posted earlier this week. The pressure will be on to live up to expectations, as this is one of the most ambitious robots in NERDs history. A dual sided intake, a swerve drive, and a stylish Imperial design make them the heavy favorite going into the event.

Top Teams: 27, 1506, 2337
In the Mix: 245, 494, 3542, 5084, 7491
Udder-rated: 1322, 3535, 5509, 5561, 7056
Rookie to Watch: 8385

Southfield: Two Scoops of Success

As has been the trend, Southfield is an event with a vast talent divide. While it features the debut of the teams ranked 1st and 4th in Michigan last year, twenty teams attending fell below 300th in the state. With two powerhouse teams looking to maintain their status and a host of teams looking to break them up, Southfield has the feel of a true David and Goliath story in the making.

Featured Matchup of the Event: 33 vs 3538

The two heavy favorites coming in to Southfield, many will be watching to see which of the two will rank first. In the past two seasons the pair have teamed up to win three district events, with the Robojackets serving as the captains in two of those alliances. However in head to head matchups the Killer Bees hold the 6 to 0 advantage since 2018. With the Bees and Jackets both winning 5 of their last 6 district events, something will have to give if these two titans of FiM clash in the elimination tournament.

Top Teams: 33, 3538
In the Mix: 548, 573, 1481
Udder-rated: 240, 3414, 4130
Rookie to Watch: 8179


I appreciate the mention, but we’ve really struggled this season. Our robot moved in auto for the first time today, and climbed for the first time today.

We actually joked that out best move might be to just go hang in auto mode.

I’m just excited to see all the amazing designs at MCC. I’m always blown away by what folks come up with.


I personally cannot wait for MCC either its gonna be a good time.

I’m gonna put 910 in the top teams here.


Fun MCC update (shout out @Anthony_Galea for bringing this to my attention), 135 will be attending making them the first non-MI team to compete in a Michigan district.

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thank you 135 for sharpening this buzzsaw of a district


A couple of these are in the wrong spots if you look at last year performances but I won’t say which ones :slight_smile:

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Interesting to see how this week plays out. Southfield and TC will feature the best alliances I expect but the drop off from the first seeded alliance to the rest will be huge. In contrast, Kettering will probably be able to support 3-4 very strong alliances and MCC will probably have eight alliances that can play the game at a very high level but not at the level of the top alliances at the other two events.

Part of what we do is try to look beyond last year, looking at trends and predictions beyond just who was good for a single year.

The comments and discussion are always appreciated and insightful as well :blush:

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giphy (1)
Me when 772 adds into MCC and it gets even more inevitably stacked with 2 spots still to fill


2867 will be the second to do this. We are headed up to Kingsford during Week 2.

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Penn Robotics? That rocks! We teamed up with them in 2016 at worlds and did very well.

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What do you think about the NC District? Would you care to do a ranking

Wait 77 who?


1114? 2056?

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Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby

(although it would be cool as a game announcer lol)


i am very interested to see my teams meet because for once we are actually looking at the top teams because we have a competitive robot this year we usually are not

Honored to be in the udder rated category!!! we switched our bot name to Clarabelle lol!

Between winning the event and getting Chairman’s, it makes one wonder what Fighting Pi defines as success :grinning: