[FiM] FiMside Scoop 2: Watch for the Waffle Cone

FiMside Scoop Week Two: Watch for the Waffle Cone

Why Waffle Cone for week 2? The waffle cone is a classic, much like all four districts happening this week. St. Joseph is the new kid in town this week, and it has been hosting an event since 2013. Waterford has been hosting an event since 2011, Kettering has been hosting since districts began in 2009, and Center Line began as the Detroit district at Wayne State from 09-12 before moving to its current home in 2013.

Along with some classic events, some of the classic FiM powerhouses and well known teams will be taking the field this week. This includes state and world champion winners, teams that have more district wins than there are FRC teams in some states, and teams with histories stretching back over 20 years.

With this second edition of FiMside Scoop, things will begin to be a bit more standardized from week to week. Along with matchups of the week a few favorites will be chosen for each event, followed by other teams poised for success, some dark horses to watch, and rookies to keep an eye on.

Now, time to dive in and see what is on the menu this week.

Center Line: That Detroit Flavor

Featured Matchup of the Week: Detroit vs. Everybody

Of the 40 teams competing at Center Line, fully half of them belong to the MEZ. For those who don’t know the Michigan Engineering Zone (MEZ) is an organization that helps a lot of the inner city Detroit schools have the opportunity to have robotics teams. Generally, these teams are looked down on by a lot of the FRC and FiM community. However, some of these teams have been successful in designing simple robots and then driving them exceptionally well. These teams will be looking to break through the stigma and prove what should already be known, that FIRST is for everyone.

Flavor-ites: 1025, 3098
In The Mix: 123, 818, 1189, 3175
Udder-rated: 4758, 5756, 5915
New Tastes: 6958, 7188

**Kettering 2: The Second Scoop **

Featured Matchup of the Week: Veterans vs. Expectations

Kettering 2 features the premieres of two teams with multiple world championships in 217 (06 and 08) and 469 (03 and 14). However, many no longer consider these two teams to be in the “elite” class of FRC anymore. With the pressures of history weighing down on them, will these two veterans find a way to rise above the challenge and reclaim that elite status?

Flavor-ites: 217, 314, 494, 2619
In The Mix: 469, 1506, 1684, 4003
Udder-rated: 3534, 3707, 5046, 5712, 6548
New Tastes: 7144

**Waterford: Anything But Vanilla **

Featured Matchup of the Week: The Old Guard vs. New Talent

Waterford is a showdown of the old and the new, with longtime veterans with a history of success facing young teams that have exploded onto the scene in recent years. Holding down the old guard are teams like 68 and 107, both 20+ year veterans, and even teams like 2137 are already celebrating their 12th year competing in FRC. On the other side of the spectrum are teams like 5053 (in their 5th season) and 6117 (in their 3rd) looking to show the old guys that they won’t just roll over and accept them as the winners.

Flavor-ites: 68, 2137, 5053
In The Mix: 107, 201, 3539, 3770, 4961, 6117
Udder-rated: 1250, 2851, 4130, 4779, 5048, 5517, 6344
New Tastes: 7109

**St. Joseph: The Cherry on Top **

Featured Matchup of the Week: 2337 vs. The Judges

After winning three district Chairman’s Awards (and one State award) from 2011-2014, the EngiNERDs have not earned that Chairman’s gold since their last visit to the St. Joseph event in 2014. While they have won three district Engineering Inspiration awards since then, 2337 is looking to reclaim that top prize. Will the return to St. Joe be the turn around the Nerds have been waiting for in their struggle to return to the peak?

Flavor-ites: 2337, 2767, 3620
In The Mix: 85, 2611, 3452, 3546
Udder-rated: 470, 2474, 2959, 4237, 5980
New Tastes: 7210

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