[FiM] FiMside Scoop 3: Second Helpings

FiMside Scoop Week Three: Second Helpings

As we enter Week 3, we’re beginning to see more teams competing at their second district event. After one competition, teams are seeing where they stand and scrambling to earn enough points to secure their spot at the Michigan State Championship. With FiM coming out and saying that (as of now) no events are going to be cancelled due to COVID-19, the plan is to soldier on and complete the season as planned. With five events and over 200 teams in action, Week 3 has plenty of action to follow in FiM.

Now, time to dive in.

Escanaba: Freezer Burn

With 25 teams playing their second event of 2020 already, there is a ton of experience coming in to Escanaba this year. Only an hour away from Kingsford (but in a different time zone), many of the Yooper teams elected to compete back to back in the two most northern events in FiM. Players from the northern mitten and a few from downstate round out the slate of 41 teams at Escanaba.

Featured Matchup of the Event: 4391 vs. The Field

The powerhouse team of the U.P, the BraveBots have been the measuring stick in the North for the better part of their existence. In their history, they have taken home seven medals from events in Yooper territory, with three event wins and four finalist appearances (including silver last week at Kingsford). On top of that, two of those finals losses came to alliances composed of teams from downstate. Still stinging from that finals exit, BraveBots will be looking to take home gold at the final U.P. event of 2020.

Top Teams: 2586, 4391, 7782

In the Mix: 3602, 4375, 6113, 6637

Udder-rated: 904, 4375, 4392, 4970, 5505, 5878, 8425

Rookie to Watch: 8323

Detroit: A-MEZ-ing Flavor

With 27 teams from Detroit proper competing at Renaissance High School in Week 3, this event is dominated by the hometown crowd. Of these 27 over half are housed in the Michigan Engineering Zone, or the MEZ. For those who don’t know, this is a collective space sponsored by the University of Michigan that serves as a place for inner-city Detroit teams to meet and build. Another chunk of the hometown teams are part of RECD, a similar program but focused on the Hispanic population of Detroit. Two phenomenal organizations doing a lot of good work, hoping to produce some winning robots and keep the blue banners in the city.

Featured Matchup of the Event: Detroit vs. Everybody

As mentioned above, almost three quarters of the teams at the Detroit district are from the city of Detroit itself. However, almost none of them would be considered favorites to win the event. The teams from the suburbs are the traditional powers here, and much like the city itself many tend to write off the inner city teams. However this may be the year where Detroit finally breaks through and keeps all eight medals in the city.

Top Teams: 503, 1025, 4680

In the Mix: 123, 2960, 3668, 5577, 5901

Udder-rated: 1701, 2048, 4768, 5467, 5756, 7232

Rookies to Watch: 8329

Gull Lake: Vanilla

Gull Lake is about evenly split on Infinite Recharge experience, with 15 of the 41 teams competing at their second event of 2020. Two of those teams have already locked down slots at MSC with Chairman’s wins earlier this season, 3618 in Traverse City and 4855 in St. Joe. On the flipside 7 of those 15 are currently sitting at under 25 district points, and will need a significantly better showing at Gull Lake to earn the points to make it to MSC.

Featured Matchup of the Event: Nick Clarke vs. Match Quality

One of FiM’s most beloved voices is going to be on the mic Game Announcing for Gull Lake, and it will be up to the Shark to keep it exciting for the crowd and the viewers on stream. However with a slate of relative unknowns and some of the contenders from previous years in a bit of slump this season, some of the matches may be a bit…challenging…from a GA perspective. However if anyone can keep the crowd engaged in what may be seen as a one-horse race, its Nick.

Top Teams: 3538, 5056

In the Mix: 1504, 4381, 5501, 6002

Udder-rated: 3618, 4779, 4855, 5152, 5623, 6550

Rookie to Watch: 8126

Belleville: Tastes of Redemption

The biggest mystery event of the week, only 5 teams at Belleville have competed in FiM this year. They are joined by 7174, who is fresh off a Quarterfinals exit as the sixth seeded alliance captain at the Humber College event in Ontario. Belleville features two teams looking for redemption after disappointing first events of the season. 33, plagued by robot issues at Southfield and doomed to break their streak of nine straight first event wins and a five year streak of never missing finals at a district event (Michigan or Ontario). Then there is 3641, whose broken captain left them as only a finalist at MCC. A missed climb in Finals 3 would have secured the victory for Toasters, an impressive feat in and of itself as they were playing with the 24th draft pick and a backup bot as support. These two teams will be looking to improve on their early performances and capture their first banners in 2020.

Featured Matchup of the Event: Chairman’s Judges vs. Impeccable Quality

Belleville is flush with culture quality, with three teams competing at the district that have won the Chairman’s Award at MSC in the past. 3641 and 2137 both took home CA at MSC 2018, and after missing Chairman’s in 2019 one can assume the Toasters’ are hungry to get back to their winning ways. 33 last won Chairman’s at MSC in 2014, and after leaving Southfield with the GP award they’ll be looking to improve on that with a Chairman’s Gold. Three other teams (1502, 2832, and 5050) have Chairman’s banners hanging in their shops, and are looking to spoil the award for one of the three favorites.

Top Teams: 33, 3641, 3656

In the Mix: 1250, 2137, 5050, 6193, 6861

Udder-rated: 240, 2832, 4395, 5907, 7174, 7656

Rookie to Watch: 8124

Muskegon: The Cherry on Top

Uniquely located to pull teams from both the westside, Grand Rapids area and the northern Lower Peninsula, Muskegon has a nice mix of teams that makes it an interesting event to follow this weekend. 12 teams have competed in FiM already, and 2 already have experience in Infinite Recharge following jaunts to Ontario last weekend. That ONE Team seeded third and made semifinals at Georgian, while the Techno Trojans won the lottery and got to ride with 1114 and 3683 to a win at Humber. These teams will be looking to turn this experience into victory at their first event in FiM this year.

Featured Matchup of the Event: 3572 vs. 7160 vs. 3357

The first three teams selected in the draft at Traverse City Week 1 will all be back on the field at Muskegon this weekend. The Ludington O-Bots and the second seeded alliance got the win, beating the COMETS in the semifinals and then Wavelength in the finals. 7160 will be looking to build off of their first event win in team history, while 3572 is after revenge after a controversial finals exit. 3357 is after their first event win since their wildly successful 2018 season, getting bounced in finals twice in 2019.

Top Teams: 3357, 3572, 7160

In the Mix: 2075, 3546, 3604, 4004, 4967

Udder-rated: 1711, 2405, 3767, 4956, 5567, 6090

Rookie to Watch: 8068


Quote of the year, I’ve never laughed harder at a prediction account. Nice work :ok_hand:


It’s gonna be wild at Esky this year. There’s a decent chunk of teams that we can’t remember seeing in the UP in recent memory, and that doesn’t happen much. Should be a great time!

Thanks for putting us as rookie to watch for Muskegon!

I’m extremely excited for Muskegon. I hope recent news doesn’t put a damper on the event, but I understand everyone being cautious as I want everyone to stay healthy.

As far as the field goes, I think Muskegon has a very heavy top end with potentially 8-10 teams that could easily take the top spot with the potential for many dark horses that could come out of nowhere.

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