[FiM] FiMside Scoop 4: Banana Split

**FiMside Scoop 4: Banana Split
The classic banana split has a little bit of everything, something for everyone to enjoy. Just like this week in FiM. Teams coming off strong first event performances that ended just shy of Champion gold, teams that got that first event win but are still trying to prove to others that they deserved it, teams trying to earn enough points to break through that ceiling to MSC, and a Chairman’s mystery.

Now, on to the yummy stuff.

Belleville: Melting Point

Featured Matchup: 4405 and 5907 vs. Newfound Success

Before week Gibraltar Week 1, 4405 had only ever made it out of semis as the third robot of overpowered alliances. Week 1 they captained their alliance to a finalist finish. Similarly, 5907’s only trip past the semis was an event win as the third robot of the number one alliance. Then at Waterford, they captained the 6th seeded alliance to an improbable event win at Waterford. Will these teams build on their new success as alliance leaders rather than participants? Or will they cave under the pressure to do well?

Flavor-ites: 1189, 2834, 4405, 5907
In the Mix: 66, 4680, 5046, 5053
Udder-rated: 247, 1481, 2137, 5467, 5530, 5915
New Tastes: 7175

Lansing: Mystery Flavor

Featured Matchup: Chairman’s Judges vs. The Unknown

For what may be the first time ever at a FiM district, there are no teams attending Lansing that have ever won a Chairman’s Award in team history. For once there is truly no favorite for CA at this event, and it will be fascinating to see who the judges crown winner on Saturday.

Flavor-ites: 302, 494, 3357
In the Mix: 1504, 3655, 4216, 5150
Udder-rated: 5205, 5674, 5710, 6085
New Tastes: 7026

Midland: Half-Baked

Featured Matchup: Teams vs. The 75 Point Ceiling

The point cut off for MSC this year is likely to be around 70 or 75 points, and many of the 22 teams at Midland that have already competed have a lot of catching up to do if they want to make this threshold. Many are still below the half way point of this prospective cut off. Notable teams like 2619 (24 points), 703 (27 points), 94 (26 points), 5166 (25 points) and 5509 (23 points) have quite a bit of ground to make up. Even 5712, sitting at 43 points, still needs to put on a pretty good showing to lock in their spot for MSC.

Flavor-ites: 94, 3770, 5712
In the Mix: 703, 2619, 5216, 5424
Udder-rated: 4819, 5166, 5193, 5509, 6753
New Tastes: 7213

West Michigan: There’s A Shake In My Boot

Featured Matchup: 3098 vs. The Wild Wild West

The Captain’s trip to West Michigan will be the furthest 3098 has travelled for a district event since going to Traverse City in 2010. That showing ended with an exit in the quarterfinals, and since then the Captains have found much more success sticking close to home. Now going up against the likes of BOB, the Average Joes, the Trisonics, and numerous other west side powerhouses the Captains hope to hang with the big bots of the Wild West.

Flavor-ites: 85, 3620, 4003
In the Mix: 107, 2054, 2075, 3098, 5675
Udder-rated: 74, 141, 3546, 4956, 5162, 6098
New Tastes: 7054

Team 4405 checking in here. Hoping to surprise you with what we have in store this weekend! (;

Mattawan WiredCat’s (5675) 3-stage lift is tuned, hardened, and ready for battle at West Michigan! Looking forward to seeing lots of friends there!