FIM Finals Overtime 1 tie

What are your thoughts on the FIMstein overtime 1 95-95 tie

Edit: for clarity, changed the question.

theory is that both alliances scored the same amount of points…


Rules on OT ties are simple: If you go through all the tiebreakers, it’s truly tied. Replay.

That means equal foul points among about 4 other things.

Edit: Ah, yes. Section 12.7 of the Manual lists 6 tiebreakers: Foul points from opponents, Cargo points, Hatch Panel points, Hab Climb points, Sandstorm points, replay.

However, up to 3 OT matches may be played before starting any replays. So if OT1 is a true tie, then play OT2, OT3, and see if OT4 needs to happen.

Edit 2: Unless… you’re in the Einstein Finals. Then the tiebreakers are thrown out, play until somebody has two wins.


Finals 5?

So did they play the final 5 yet? If so, who won?

Ford won

So we know know when/if/where ESPN will release this? I would love to watch

You can find the matches here.


Since endgame climb scores weren’t scored at the same time I started keeping track of alliances’ starting positions. Both had two lvl 2 and one lvl 1…TIE

Then when the match finished I looked at cargo scored…TIE
Next look at panels scored…TIE
All I did then was look at the field and see that there was a lvl 3 and two lvl 1 climbs…TIE

After it took a while for them to post the results you knew there was no penalties…TIE

After Overtime 1 they announced that they called HQ.

I would expect a rule change that will add something like
cargo scored in cargo ship
cargo scored in rocket
panels scored in cargo ship
panels scored in rockets
cargo scored in sandstorm
panels scored in sandstorm
as possible additional tiebreakers

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There is no more rules changes going to happen this year they said

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Ha ha! I left the stands to get internet before they explained the reason of the tie. I changed the question so it’s more along the lines of what I wanted this thread to be about.

That match was crazy, both alliances had already played 14+ matches by that point, I have to give huge props to both 3604 and 4362. Before the score of that match was posted both their drive teams came over to our alliance to chat and we’re just amazed by how back and forth the series had been. Everything came down to the smallest details and I’m glad we were able to make history with some awesome people.


That’s correct.

I don’t think they’ll add another tiebreaker–ties are fairly rare this year, by comparison to some years.

A quick history: The tiebreakers were put in after 2010, when ties were frequent (especially at IRI). After 2016, a couple of changes were made after the first use of said tiebreakers in Einstein finals (a pinning foul tied the match, and as the only foul decided the winner as well).

I highly doubt that they’ll add any more tiebreakers. If they did, scoring panels/cargo in sandstorm will NOT be part of it–you literally cannot input those until after Sandstorm. And as the Cargo Ship is easier than the Rocket, particularly with Null Panels, I would probably go with Cargo scored in Rocket as the only additional tiebreaker. But it isn’t worth adding another, usually.

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Never probably.

Doesnt mean they wont exist though.


Finals 6?

Chute door?


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