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Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy has a Middle School and a High School Robotics Program in the State of Michigan with a unique happenstance. And I am guessing that Chief Delphi has some really great history experts on FIRST.

In December, FTC8533 CSPA MINERS, with their alliance partners, won the State Championship. Last weekend, FRC4362 with their alliance partners, won the the State Championship. How often in the past has a joint Robotics Program won both Middle School and High School State Championships in the same year?
Thanks in advance, Alan Patterson



Wow, I had no clue that FTC8533 was from the same school as FRC4362. Congrats on your great seasons this year, and good luck in Detroit!

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This might be a first time. I’ve never heard of this happening before

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Is this something that anyone would be tracking? There probably aren’t a large number of FTC with FRC Robotic Teams pairings. I am only guessing here of course…

In our case, the FRC Team Mentors are separate, but are still heavily involved with the Mentor Group for the FTC Team. Charyl Stockwell is not a large school set. Both Teams build in the same Shop.

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Congrats CSPA!!!

Performance wise we are not even close to be as good as you guys beat our Algonac Roborats team in the FTC State Champ last December…

and took the crown last weekend with FRC… amazing performance…

but there should be a club for teams that have multiple levels going to Worlds… in our case it will look like this:

FRC 5860
FTC 9819
FLL Jr 15222

My oldest daughter can now breathe, pressure is off as her younger 2 sisters can no longer brag about going…lol

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I have no idea if anybody tracks that. My lead mentor also runs three FTC teams. Me and a couple students help mentor and drive coach them. Our teams are directly related.



I don’t believe this is formally tracked anywhere, so you’d have to manually hunt it down. FTC has slowly moved towards systems setup for live uploads and data archives, so I suspect it’ll be easier to track in the future than it is today.

As I’m fairly familiar with both FRC and FTC in the region, I can say that Up-A-Creek robotics out of Colorado has been successful at both the FTC and FRC level the last few years.

In 2017, 11260 won the Colorado FTC State Tournament while 1619 won the Colorado FRC Regional
In 2018, 11260 won the Colorado FTC State Tournament while 1619 was finalist at the Colorado FRC Regional (also winning two other regionals and their championship division)
In 2019, 11260 was a finalist in Colorado and a winner in Wyoming while 1619 won both of their events in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Regardless of whether it’s been done before or not, it’s a remarkable achievement and you and your team have a lot to be proud of :slight_smile:

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This may be pretty rare, but it happened last year in Michigan. Allendale Robotics includes FRC team 4003, TriSonics, and FTC team 7023, HexaSonics. Last year, 4003 captained their alliance to the MSC Champs. The previous December, 7023 captained their alliance to the Michigan FTC Champs. Another similarity is that 4003 was captain of alliance #3 on the Ford Field and had a 10-5 record in the MSC playoffs, close to your 10-4-2.

Congratulations on a dramatic and inspiring performance this weekend. It was a lot of fun watching you play. You have a great robot and drive team and put together a great alliance! I really don’t know why 862 was still available for a second pick–we had them really high on our list. 8533 was also amazing at FTC Champs. Hope to see you in Detroit.



Our FTC team 11691 and one of our rookie fll jr teams made it to worlds along with us!
It would have been better if the gems were in our division and we lost to them in finals :joy: like our FTC team did



TriSonics and HexaSonics, good to know, and thanks. Definitely great company!
And then there’s the Dragons Reign of Fire… more awesome company. Congrats!
Maybe we can get to team up some day…



Oh if it wasn’t for us being the second seed…



One thing that makes it rare: only in Michigan is FTC restricted to be middle-school only. Everywhere else in the world FTC is done by middle and high schoolers, and the FTC program is probably 80-90% high schoolers overall. As a result, most regions other than Michigan usually (but not always) have high-school teams winning their FTC championships.
(And I think Michigan has been middle-school only for FTC for 3-4 years.)