FIM FTC videos Archive

Anyone know where FIM FTC videos are being archived?

Me. They are on YouTube (unlisted) and will be on TOA shortly.

You can find (almost) all of the matches from the FiM Midland Qualifier here:

I also did submit them to TOA, and it looks like most of them were added.

Do you have a link to the youtube channel/videos?

All the videos that are currently live can be found on their corresponding match entries on TOA. I have a batch that is currently uploading and then there will be more linked.

I’m really looking for one match in particular. Canton FTC Qualifier, Semi finals 1 Match 1. Would you have that archived somewhere? I don’t see in TOA yet.

My apologies, there seems to have been an error in the way I uploaded the matches. You can find that particular match at for now.

That is perfect. Thank you so much.

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