FIM Jackson (Spring Arbor University) Question

Hello all. I know there are a brunch of teams (41) going to the FIM Jackson event held at Spring Arbor University. I was wondering what the cell coverage and wifi coverage at the venue is like. Reason for asking is I know some teams are scouting using wifi or cell based applications. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I can’t answer the wifi question but like most gyms, the cell reception was spotty.

See you there!

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This past year the cell reception was not great; however, they did have guest wifi in the pits and hallways for use! It was deactivated near the playing field, but that is to be expected.

Be prepared for 8’ or maybe a little less wide pits. When we attended in 2020 it was extremely tight.

The seating in the arena is great, everyone gets a real seat. No stadium benches or roll out bleachers.