Based on the current teams at the FIM LSSU 2017 event any predictions for alliance members or high ranking teams.

857 will be glad, for the very first time, to compete at two district events less than 6 hours away, AND, we will finally get home on Saturday after each event (with Traverse City, the best we could do was 3am Sunday).

Based on recently being winner or finalist, I think some of the best performers might be 857 :cool:, 862, 5247, 5505, 5509, 5547 (it’s late, so if some of these were just the last pick, they might not be quite that good, I haven’t checked).

2586 will also be attending (they had registration system trouble). Given that 857 and 2586 have been elim alliance partners at least once each of the last 3 years, I would not be surprised to see us paired again.

3602 and 4391 are waitlisted for their 2nd event, so I don’t know where they are going. If they’re coming to LSSU, expect them to be strong contenders. 4970 has the same main sponsor, and is quite the up-and-coming team.

Did I just hear someone say “field issues”? :wink: