FiM off-seasen Events

I’ve seen similar threads for other regions, but I have yet to find one for Michigan. What are the 2012 off-season Events in the great lakes state and their corresponding dates? So far I have:

M.A.R.C. Robotics Competition 6/22-23
West Michigan Robotics Invitational 10/20

Kettering usually does one, i.e. Kettering Kickoff, but as far as I know their website has not updated yet so the 2012 details have not been released. I know there are others, but which ones am I still missing? Ohio and Indiana can also hop on this thread too if they want to.

There’s usually IGVC, but I haven’t heard anything about it for this year.

From what I’ve heard, IGVC is not being held this year. Though, I’m not sure what I’ve heard is official.

Wow. First Jack retires and then IGVC “retires”? Sad days these are…

As one of the people in charge of updating the website for Kettering…I should get the ball rolling on that…

Kettering Kickoff will be September 15th (9/15).

Maker Faire: July 28-29

That was my original thought. Usually FIRST is mentioned somewhere, but I couldn’t find it this year.

The unofficial word is that IGVC will host the FRC competition again this year. Stay tuned…

That’s great news! 2137 was looking forward to it. We couldn’t make it last year since half our team were seniors and graduation was the same weekend.

Is this a competition or some sort of demonstration?

It’s a great fun competition! Especially when it hasn’t rained buckets the night before…

Although there are those who thought that just made it all the better! :wink:

I am going to have my daughter update the FiM website with the 2012 off season events. Are there any other events besides IGVC, MARC, Kettering Kickoff and West Michigan Invitational?

I’ve got confirmation on IGVC this year for those who would like to know. 68’s been invited.

Kettering Kickoff is unofficially set for Saturday, September 22, 2012.


Somebody said 9/15 earlier. I am assuming there is a change of plan. We will put in 9/22 unless I hear from somebody else.

It’s 9/22.

I said the 15th, because that’s the weekend before finals for Kettering students and when it’s traditionally been held. This year, the event will be the same weekend as our finals.

I’ll update the website as soon as I receive the updated information. (Should be in the next few days.)

Team 3322 is going to IGVC. Who else is going? I can’t seem to find any information anywhere about this.

862 will be there.

There is a website on the FiM webpage for the event. But no team list yet:

I know they typically invite the top 24 teams based on FiM ranking for the year. They bump down the list a bit since some teams can’t make it.

The Rochester Ruckus will be happening this year. It should be around late October though I believe the exact date is TBD.

1023 will be there! :slight_smile: