FiM Predictions: Week 5

This thread every week should start one day earlier…

Alpena #2
33 shows off another amazing performance picking their Southfield partners 3538, but don’t count out 2834, 5114, and especially the eighth alliance winners at Lincoln 5530. Chairman’s could go to lots of teams I expect underdogs 6077 to take it along with their engineering inspiration from Alpena #1

503 and 862 both have already won chairman’s have booked their tickets to states. 503 hopes to win an event for the first time since 2014 and not be finalist. 862 hopes to better their performance from Alpena #1. Expect big things out of 94 (especially winning their first banner week 1) and 7226.

With the bloodbath that Troy normal is this year it could only be the third hardest event this week. With a lot of these teams sharing events and deep histories I expect an amazing story coming out of this event. 245 having great performances at Kettering #1 and Kingsford, I expect them to out perform what they did at Kingsford. 2337 had a disappointing exit with 2767 in the Semifinals because of burned out Neos they are scary at this event. Also expect 51, 910, 1718, and 3539 to be very competitive at this event. 910 or 1718 wins Chairman’s. Other than that this event is a toss up

After a dominating win in Miami Valley and a disappointing loss in the quarters Team 302 looks to come out swinging at Marysville. Last years winners 1684 and 217 are looking for their first wins of the season. 494 and 3667 both look to take a second banner home this season. 4130 comes to an event looking to win their only second blue banner ever. This is a “revenge” event for many teams trying to get to get enough points to make states and worlds. The Charimans race, I’d expect 1189 to take it based off 302 and 1684 have already taken one each.

And now the main event…
East Kentwood
27 67 and 2767 all looking to make up for their early eliminations in their previous events. 2054 after their domination at Lakeview and West Michigan(until finals) wants to continue thier reign of terror over others. 1918 looks to beat them after getting knocked out at Lakeview by them in Semifinals. Don’t be shocked if you see 4362 rise in the rankings with an outstanding performance at Jackson. Especially don’t sleep on 5460 for who I think is the only team to have soloed a rocket in Michigan(cannot confirm that)

Medium take- one of the teams I predicted that does well doesn’t😂

Hot take- Troy, Marysville, or East Kentwood sees someone that no one expects and gets alliances scorched

Burning hot take- three teams at one of the Michigan events this week has a 3.5 ranking score of higher.

Share Your Opinion below please!

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I think Shepherd is going to be one of the most intense events in the state this year. It lacks a little bit of the top end but the amount of depth is staggering. There are legitimately 8-10 teams that have made deep runs and could conceivably pair up and win. In addition to the teams that were mentioned, I would not be surprised at all to see any of 3572, 5509, 4004, 1188, 2959, 5084 and 6548 make a big push this weekend and wind up with a blue banner.

Our team has been working non-stop to try to get ready for this weekend, we are going to try our best and hopefully we can do enough to get a chance to play on Saturday afternoon.

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My thoughts exactly, anyone that sleeps on a Michigan event while attending will get steamrolled.

Playoffs in Michigan are violent, love watching them. At Jackson several defenders got their bumpers torn off. I’ll try to watch multiple

Really curious to see what happens at Marysville. A lot of good teams, and I know some teams there that have made some major changes. Maybe my team? Who knows. Guess we’ll find out. :slight_smile:


I can imagine this happening at MSC, where there aren’t so many defense bots. But at a regular district, you’ve still got too many crate bots that will be defense only - and it’s easy to shut down a rocket.


I’m personally thinking that, while Kentwood’s qualifiers are going to probably put up some crazy stats, it’s a little overly top-heavy so Finals (or maybe one side of semis too) is going to be the only really good elimination round to watch. Troy, on the other hand, doesn’t quite have the best of the best, but has the depth to make eliminations a real spectacle. Teams are gonna have to reach deep into their bag of tricks to pull out the win there.


I actually think this is more likely to happen at a district than MSC. At a district, there will be many alliances without an experienced team to create a viable match strategy. Thus, many teams that should be playing defence all weekend won’t be. At MSC, on the other hand, every alliance will have teams with plenty of playoff experience, who will push for defence to be played by their alliance partners.

Don’t count out 7491 Cyber Soldiers at Marysville. They put on a spectacular show at Kettering #1, and were in the Finals and won Highest Rookie Seed.

My predictions kinda sucked last week. Not a single one of my ‘front runners’ won their event, and many of the event winners weren’t even contenders. I’ll make some more but expect them to be wrong again. I’m only going to make a singular Chairman’s prediction because honestly, Chairman’s is so hard to predict. I will mention that I have been at an event every week so far so I haven’t really been able to watch events as much as I’d like.

Alpena #2:
Front Runner: 33
Contenders: 3538, 107, 2834, 4381, 5530
Chairman’s: 5505

Notes: I expect 33 and 3538 to team up to win this event.

East Kentwood:
Front Runner: 2767
Contenders (takes a deep breath): 27, 67, 1918, 2054, 2771, 3546, 3875, 4362, 4967, 5460, 6090, 5675
Chairman’s: 2771
Notes: Anything can happen in this event.

Front Runner: 1684
Contenders: 2851, 494, 302, 3667, 3452, 3534
In The Hunt: 5155, 4779, 4130, 1189, 217
Chairman’s: 2604
Notes: I expect the winning alliance to contain 1684 and 2851.

Front Runner: 4004
Contenders: 3572, 6548, 94, 503, 862, 1188, 2959, 5084
Chairman’s:??? Really up for grabs, but if i had to pick one team, 2959

Front Runner: 1718
Contenders: 51, 245, 226, 2337, 2960, 3539, 910, 5436, 308
Chairman’s: 245
Notes: I expect the winning alliance to contain 1718 and 51.

Good luck to all teams at week 5 events!

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Thanks for the shout out. 4004 is working hard to fix our machine issues from Muskegon, and fight hard to take home another blue banner this season.

2075 didn’t Solo the rocket during their dominating performance at Alpena #1? TBA data shows that their alliances had 5(!) Rocket fills and another near-miss (-1 cargo).

I can’t wait to see how this event shakes out. It will certainly be fun to play with the big FIM powerhouses. I will predict that top three will be 2054, 2767 and 27.

2075 only soloed 3 of those 5 rockets. The first one of the day received help from team 6077 to put in the last ball so that we would have time to level 3 climb. In the match with 2137 they finished the rocket with 3 balls after our battery became disconnected AND they climbed to level 3 in order to get our alliance 4 RP.


Warm take someone will solo at least 4 rockets

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Was great working with you guys! Looking forward to the show you guys are gonna be able to put on in week 6, no doubt it’s gonna be one for the books.

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I’m going to do these kind of quickly this week because my posts were, in my opinion, too long the last 2 weeks.

Alpena #2
Top teams: 33, 3538
High quality teams: 107, 1701, 2834, 5114, 5530, 5505, 6077
Good teams with slow starts: 703, 904, 5150 (low pick at Kettering even though they won), 7823
Chairman’s: 4381, 5505, 6077

East Kentwood
Top teams: 27, 67, 2767
High quality teams: 1918, 2054, 3546, 4362, 5460, 5675, 6090
Good teams with slow starts: 2771, 4327, 4967
Chairman’s: 2054, 4967, 5460

Top teams: 302, 494, 1684
High quality teams: 2851, 3452, 3534
Good teams with slow starts: 70, 201, 217, 1189
Chairman’s: 217, 2604, 3667

Top teams: 862, 4004, 5509
High quality teams: 503, 1188, 3572, 5084
Good teams with slow starts: 94 (low pick at Southfield even though they won), 5193, 6582
Chairman’s: 2959, 5084

Top teams: 245, 1718, 2337
High quality teams: 51, 226, 308, 910, 2960, 3539
Good teams with slow starts: 1, 68, 469, 818, 6117
Chairman’s: 68, 245, 910, 1718

I edited this to fix the length. Originally I assumed 1718 could climb which is why @Tom_Line replied like he did.


It’s crazy to me that not many people have 2054 as the best team, or even a top 3 team, at East Kentwood. In my opinion, it’s not even in question, they’re the best team there. They’ve seeded first at both of their events, won one of them, and averaged 3.33 RP at West Michigan. The other teams people are naming as favorites (27, 67, 2767) have completed three non-penalty rockets between them over five events. 2054 completed the same number in a single event. I could see 2767 improve and go ham, but if we give no regard to performance in previous seasons, 2054 should be the favorite by far.



2054 will seed #1, then pick 2767 and a third robot with bulldog defense capability, and put up complete rockets in every playoff match. Even if a good defender gets past their bulldog, they will only be able to slow down one of the offensive titans. That alliance will also be capable of 30 endgame points, using Stryke Force’s suction-based levitating magic, and the bulldog’s charge onto level 2.

Other teams will be trying to stop this scenario by seeding #2 or higher, but that will be a tall order.

Wait… 1718 can climb? Cool!