FiM Predictions: Week 6

I’m gonna beat @GearLOading to the thread this week. And I’ll do some predictions of my own this week.

Forest Hills: a lot of good teams, but 3357, 910, 4967, 2337 all stand out to me. 3357 teams up with 910 and wins against 4967 in finals. 2337 wins chairmans.

LSSU: This is my event, so slight bias? The teams that stand out are 4391, 4392, 2586, 1596, 6088, 6569, 857, 141. After the last event, 857 is looking at adding a hab 3, which is what puts them up there. All good teams, but 4391 captains 1st seed and picks 2586 who beat out 6569 and 1596. 2586 wins chairmans.

Lansing: 3568 and 3098 team up on 2nd seed and beat 2145 and 894 in finals. 4776 wins chairmans.

Livonia: 1076 and 1506 team up to defeat 2832 and 3619. 5915 wins chairmans.

Traverse City: 1322 and 6112 beat 1711 and 5086. 1322 wins chairmans.

2 events will NOT have any full rockets.
At least 1 double hab 3 will lose in semis.

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Can’t even wait until Sunday, huh? :rofl:

Lake Superior State University
Front Runner: 4391
Contenders: 1596, 2586, 3602, 4392, 5072, 5234, 5702, 7782
Chairman’s: no clue
Note: I don’t know much about the teams at this event.

Front Runner: 548
Contenders: 1076, 1250, 1506, 2832, 3175, 5641, 5907, 6861, 7553
Chairman’s: 548
Disclaimer/Note: I am a mentor of 3175 and will be attending this event. I expect 1506 to seed first and pick 548 to win, however I expect whichever alliance has 548 wins the event.

Forest Hills
Front Runner: 2075
Contenders: 226, 910, 2337, 2619, 2474, 2771, 2959, 3322, 3357, 4967, 6100
Chairman’s: 910
Note: Whomever teams up with 2075 wins the event.

Traverse City
Front Runner: 3688
Contenders: 6087, 4376, 3767, 5560
Chairman’s: 3618
Note: I don’t know much about the teams at this event.

Front Runner: 3707
Contenders: 3655, 6067, 7056, 1504, 2611, 3098, 2145, 4776
Chairman’s: no clue
Note: 3707/3655 winning alliance is my expectation.

Good luck to everyone at Week 6 events!


Glad teams 33 and 3538 are not in any events, others have a chance to take the blue banner! :slight_smile:


I can’t tell if this is a joke or serious.

You do realize if a team has won chairman’s before they can’t again (at that level). 40% of your chairman’s picks are already going to be wrong.

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I didn’t look that closely. I still have a 3/5 chance

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All right @langsley757

Forrest Hills
After posting the current highest ranking score in Michigan, 2075 will kill it again. watch for them to pick maybe a 2337 or 3357 but I would count out Troy finalists 910 or even West Michigan winner ** 2474**
Chairman’s- 910 or 2619

3707 is deadly they were excellent at Milford. But they are going to need to knock down climbs to rank high. 2611 and 3098 expect them to come back from a couple rough first competition. 6591 expect some more improvements
Chairman’s- This could go to anyone.

548 wanting some good ole sweet revenge. Waiting for that finals appearance this year. 1506 is in the same boat after an early exit at Kettering #2. 2832 looking to make semis for the first time this year. Watch out for 1076 potentially make a deep run
Chairman’s- 1506

Lake Superior State University
expect 4391 after a disappointing ending at Kingsford, to be on their revenge trail along with 141 who had a disappointing exit at the Great Northern regional
Chairman’s- :man_shrugging:

Traverse city
3618, 3767, and 3688 seem like clear favorites here. Attempting all to make a last effort to make states.


Forest Hills
Top teams: 910 (not trying to be biased but we did well at Troy), 2075, 2337, 3357
High quality teams: 226, 904, 2474, 4967
Good teams with slow starts: 2619, 2771, 2959, 3322, 4961
Chairman’s: 910, 2771, 4967

Top teams: 3707
High quality teams: 1504, 4776, 7056
Good teams with slow starts: 3098, 7144 (won event but as 1st alliance 2nd pick)
Chairman’s: 4776

Top teams: 548, 1076
High quality teams: 1506, 2832
Good teams with slow starts: 3175, 5577, 5907
Chairman’s: 548, 1506, 2832

Lake Superior State
Top teams: 3602, 4391
High quality teams: 4392, 4970, 5234
Good teams with slow starts: 141, 857, 2586, 4970
Chairman’s: 2586

Traverse City
Top teams: 3618
High quality teams: 1322, 3767,
Good teams with slow starts: 1711, 5086
Chairman’s: 1711, 3618

Some of these events don’t have teams that I’m too familiar with so I can’t really give the best insight on them. Only one East MI event is going on (with the other ones being 2 Northern events, 1 Mid-MI events, and 1 West event), so any East teams competing are spread out.


It appears that 1684 has signed up for Traverse City (they weren’t on the list when I made my predictions). 1684 is now my favorite for this event and should be categorized as a top team. They’ll probably try and get a win here before States.


They got in as a late entry and we are competing to try to make this thread as early as possible so. That’s why they are not on my predictions list currently.


Have fun predicting 160 teams the night before MSC :^)


Since this is brand new news for me as well, i’ll echo this.


We got word on Monday. We’re really excited to have gotten in and can’t wait to see the teams there!


Don’t remind me :weary::weary:. That’s gonna be rough


Imagine prescouting the event and feeling good about your chances, walking into the pits, and seeing a 1684 banner.



And it’s not even States yet.

Yea I have a feeling state is going to be super competitive this year, Michigan has been very competitive all year and the competition always seems to escalate during state


Yep. And I think we’re gonna have a year like last where 2 relatively obscure teams take away the banner bc their robots are just that good (1918 & 2075 anybody?)


Well it all depends on how the fields are set up, it seems like consumers always gets the top of the pack team or at least the majority then DTE gets the middle to high end teams with the outher 2 divisions being similar


Bro you shoulda seen Ford last year :joy:

Totally unrelated side note: I loved Joel Hurd’s consumers energy “what do we have? ENERGY” chant last year, simply because there was a whole other field with energy in their name that coulda been doing the same thing


Yea that’s true but hey me and my team did not make it to state last year so i had have to remember from what I saw on like 2 hours of live stream

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