FIM Second Event!

Anyone else in FIM get their second event registration confirmation today!?!?! Seems to be a bit more real now that we have a second event scheduled!


We got waitlisted for BOTH of our events. Guess we just have to wait and see if we get in.


Sorry to hear that! Plenty of room over here at our Lakeview Event Week 5. :slight_smile:

To @MrRiedemanJACC - Cautious excitement, yes! Shame both our 2020 and 2021 seniors never got to play the game as intended, but certainly eager to restart with our 2022 crew!

Looking forward to see everyone else at Gull Lake, Lakeview, and hopefully beyond! Good luck to all FiM teams reading this. Can’t wait to see the great machines you will create!

We were un-waitlisted for our first event, but on the waitlist again for our second event. We’re trying to make sure that the events we go to this year are within reasonable driving distance to protect in case of stricter covid rules. Will definitely miss our non-se michigan friends!

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Yeah we were thinking the same thing. Unfortunately most events close to us fill up quickly and our home event (woodhaven) is the week before states and would be problematic for our students studies so we were trying to avoid that too.

We made it into Forest Hills week 1 and Saline week 4. Anyone else a bit dubious of the Friday-Sunday events? It’s certainly better for students, as they won’t be missing any school, but I really need that recovery day before returning to work and team practice

We’re going to Saline as well and I’m tentatively looking forward to a Saturday-Sunday event. It’s nice to be able to save my personal days for MSC and Worlds and volunteering other weeks, but I agree the lack of a recovery day is a tough pill. I’ve volunteered at a couple of Sat-Sun events in other districts, and in all honesty I personally didn’t miss the recovery day that much (I just crashed as soon as I got home Sunday night). But it’ll be interesting to see what the general consensus is after the events. From people I talk to who are more used to the schedule it seems generally positive? But that’s a small sample size.

Yeah, I totally hear you on the Saturday Sunday. It will be interesting to see. The good and bad part is that our Spring Break starts Monday. So it cuts into that, but then that gives us time to recover. And probably make a lot of changes to the robot in that week, so there won’t be much rest. (but that goes without saying for all teams during robotics season).

We’re confirmed for St. Joe (our home event) Week2, and for Lansing Week4. Looks like there is still room at both.

If you wanted the recovery day you could take Monday off. Your just trading days from taking a Friday off. The Saturday Sunday events make it easier on school’s schedule without having a competition during school hours on Friday I would think. As PJ said gives people the option to save personal days for other activities.

Pros and cons both ways. I would say Sunday’s are hard for folks with religious reasons more then anything.

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Ah yes, that would be good, but as a teacher in my district we get no vacation days. We do get all holidays students get though, so please don’t take that as complaining, but we have been told many times by our district that we don’t have vacation just sick time.

It also makes venue selection/recruitment easier as well, I forgot that point. Especially with high schools. I’ve never been part of the event planning process so I can’t state this for a fact, but I imagine it is easier to get high school venues to agree to host competitions when they don’t have to worry about it happening while students are in session.

4855 Ramageddon is looking forward to Gull Lake! See you there!

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