FIM small Competition Sizes

Does anyone know why FIM districts are so small this year? I noticed at Kettering Week 2 there is only 19 teams which isn’t even enough to do a full playoff

In short, COVID.

Many events (not just in FIM) have basically halved their capacities and will be running some form of modified elimination brackets as a result of the smaller number of teams. Some events/districts even went as far as to make these smaller events only 1 day long too (see Ontario for sure).

Ontario’s events this year will also almost certainly have a cap for number of team members (not just students) that can attend the event in person. Ontario’s current limit is 20 people per team, and no public spectator admission. Though that number is subject to change based on local pandemic numbers leading up to the event.

TBA is currently out of date with event registrations.

From the FRC Events website Kettering 2 have 27 teams. I would take a look there.

Based on the numbers there I have 50+ teams who are still waiting to get a second event. So those numbers will improve.


It won’t be that small. There is a large number of teams who don’t have a second event yet.

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This is absolutely part of the problem. We (the TBA team) disabled our automatic updating tasks over the past two years to save money. We’re working on getting things re-enabled.

I kicked off a fetch for all events for the given year, so events should reflect the current registration numbers. In the case of Kettering/Kettering 2, the numbers will be updated once the cache clears.


That is unfortunate that you guys have so much on your plate but I know the FIRST community appreciates all the hard work. My mistake for thinking the competitions were smaller.


In addition to this, it’s worth noting that FiM is somewhat unique about how they handle event registration. Often, events will have some number of “reserved slots” for teams who have the event as their “home event” but have yet to register. Sometimes there’s also negotiations going on behind the scenes to shuffle teams around to other events, thus the spots are held open in the meantime.

As far as I’m aware, event capacity for most (if not all) FiM districts is the standard 40 teams, even if it’s not showing that on TBA or FIRST.


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