FiM state championship

Where can we find the points of all the teams so far?

State rankings are available on the FIRST in Michigan website, specifically in this excel sheet. Note that it hasn’t been updated for Week 2 results yet.

Thanks, I couldn’t find the spreadsheet.

I believe this includes everything from weeks 1 & 2 except Traverse City and Oregon

I don’t like it when the Michigan event threads are in the FiM subforum. Threads here are by default not shown in the Portal, which means that most of the CD users outside the state of Michigan and many more people in Michigan who don’t know how to follow subforums will have to navigate to this subforum every time they want to view this thread. I think the discussions about Michigan events should be broadcast for all of CD to read, especially about an event as awesome as MSC! :smiley:

Non-Michigander who has configured his portal for FiM discussion to appear. :cool:

I’m just waiting for a MAR subforum. I feel like we’ve been cheated.