FIM Unofficial District Rankings

I got tired of waiting for official rankings for all the events, so I made my own ranking spreadsheet for the week 1 events. This data is purely UNOFFICIAL. I don’t consider the tiebreaker order for rankings.

Sheet Here: Michigan District Ranks - Google Sheets

I did this by going to the official event pages and copying out the district point data for each event (like here). This data looks correct, it considers the playoff performance and awards correctly. It even correctly calculated the backup bot at Jackson (4381 got 26 playoff points and 9210 got 5). I went to the 5 event websites, copied the data to one table, and made this. I also considered rookie points (for teams 8517-8899, I gave 5 points, 9106-9312 got 10).

Observations: The cut line for states seems to be around 64 points. I came to this rank by taking 160/486 teams (the official amount from the district rankings page), then multiplied by the 195 teams that competed this weekend. That means you should need to be above around rank 64 of the 195 teams after week 1, which had 32 points X 2 events. It traditionally will be a little lower (60-62), but it felt like a good baseline.

Also, congrats to 245, 548, 1023, 3175, and 7226 for winning the Impact award at week 1 events!


I’d say it’s flawed because you are missing at least one team. :sweat_smile::tipping_hand_man:

Unfortunately TBA doesn’t have full elimination points assigned. If you look at 3175, for example, they only have 10 points from elims when they should have 30 for winning.

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Updated for week 2 events. Same link as above: Michigan District Ranks - Google Sheets

Congrats to 201, 3536, 4776, and 5166 for winning Impact week 2!

Rough cutline is 60 points now, based on first match results of all the teams (need to be rank 110 out of 337 teams that have competed so far)

Update: Green teams won Impact and going to Saginaw, Yellow teams have competed twice already.

What is the reason the the cutoff you are estimating dropped?

I can’t give a easy answer… As I said in the intro, all I do is order what everyone achieved at their first event and made a ratio. Based on the amount of teams that have had their first event, they need to be around the top 3rd in the ranks (160/486 registered teams). That was 32 points at the week 1 event and now 30 points for week 2, then I doubled it.

If I had to speculate, the 21 teams that have now done 2 events did better than their first event as they had the lessons learned from the first event. That would steal points from other teams first event points. This week was weird also, as only one 1 seed won their event. That means the points were distributed more flat (although that should have raised the target as it makes the points more even).

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Lol, you are still missing at least one team. I said that before and you didn’t fix it.

It’s ok, we’ll see you in Livonia.

As far as I can tell, the overall district rankings ( 2023 FIRST Robotics FIRST In Michigan District - The Blue Alliance) seem correct now, but the point totals on team pages are still a little screwy.

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You never said a team, so I never added them. The other part, what is the point in adding teams that haven’t played in an official district event yet?

Part 2, I agree, the blue alliance page finally is updated and looks mostly correct, so I probably won’t update this sheet again. Use 2023 FIRST Robotics FIRST In Michigan District - The Blue Alliance as your unofficial source now. :upside_down_face:

It’s cool. I do have to apologize. I was look at this on my phone and saw only week 1. I was thinking it was a prediction model for the season.

So my bad on that part. Interesting look though, now that I have the full picture.

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