FIM Week 1 Event Preview - Jackson

Betcha all didn’t see us coming.

Thanks to Golden Gears (7501) and Eagle Evolution (3322) for allowing us to play with you all. We sure gave the Dragons (302) Twisted Devils (4381) and Red-hot Chilibots (4453) a run for their money.

Fyi, 5205 was the team I previously coached. We started a new community based team, 9312 called NERD Spark.

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Ah, good to know. Looking forward to watching more of 9312’s robot. The few Jackson matches I checked out looked great. Congrats on the Rookie all-star and event Finalist!

It was incredible to play with yall too! The almost evenly matched alliance 8 and alliance 1 was something I was NOT expecting, but it made the event thrilling for sure. Hope to play with you all again sometime!