FIM Week 3 Recap - Complete

We are now at the end of the third week of competition for 2023 and I will now run down not only what happened at each of the five events, but also what we learned from week 3 and how my predictions were from earlier in the week.

Week 3 Recap

Takeaways from Week 3:

First, the Links RP in qualifying is becoming a lot more doable as teams seem to be focusing on it more as teams want to climb the ranks. In the early weeks there was definitely a larger focus on the Charge Station RP as teams were still figuring it out, mostly in autonomous, but largely we have become accustomed to it, thus now working on the 5 links. I still am not seeing as much Coopertition as I would have expected, as the rate of the Links RP would be even higher. Lots of matches where teams had 4 out of 5 Links, but if their opponents had 3 objects on the middle grid, they would have gotten the bonus point.

Lastly, we are getting closer to the perfect score. Muskegon had a 160 point game, with nearly a full grid, and FIT San Antonio had a 181 point game. So as the season progresses we get closer to the 193 perfect game. The main limiting factor at the moment is autonomous. To obtain the perfect score you need to place the 3 preloaded objects and all 4 of the floor game pieces on your side of the field. The 3 preloaded are scored nearly every match, no matter the robot. Some of the top tier robots are also able to score their preloaded and then 2 of the floor pieces closest to the load station, 4381-2075 and such. Then there are a few teams that can do the preload, drive over the bridge, grab the piece in the third position from the load station and score, followed by an autobalance, 6002 for example. The real problem is that last floor piece, that more than likely requires your robot to drive over the Charge Station cable protector which can throw you off course and make acquiring and scoring that last piece incredibly difficult, 1701 would accomplish this in Detroit. These are the combinations in auto that a team needs to even start chasing the perfect score, and as of now, the schedule RNG has not made an alignment even capable of this, but at MSC or other District Championships, I fully believe there will be at least 1 perfect score. Now onto the recaps.

Detroit District:

In Summary, Detroit was a pretty straightforward event, 5 of my 6 top teams finished in the top 6 after qualifying, my only miss being 5901 who placed 5th instead of 5577 who only managed to place 21st. In the end it would be my top favorite 2337-EngiNERDs at the top, but instead of choosing what was my early favorite 503, they would select 1701-RoboCubs who not only rebounded from their rather weak Kettering 1 performance, but were the clear number 2. They would round off the first alliance with team 7856-UPAD Fusion who would later need to be replaced in the winner’s bracket semifinals for 5756-REC’in Crew. With this as the lead, it would then be my other two Detroit favorites 3414-Hackbots and 503-Frog Force, who would become the lone real challenge in this very top heavy event, alongside their 3rd robot 6914-Retro5ive with an everybot design. These two alliances were clear and above the rest, as the only teams to score in the triple digits apart from one occasion by the 4 Seed. As we fast forward to the inevitable finals matchup, the 2 seed had a difficult matchup right out of the gate,as the 1 Seed’s Autonomous period allowed them to start two pieces ahead, and with not very effective defense played by either side, the high powered offenses would go head to head with one another. Sadly this would not be towards the advantage of the second alliance, as they would be outgunned and lose to a very consistent 156 points in both matches, while only scoring 119 and 106 in their two matches. Congrats to 2337, 1701, 7856 and 5756.


2337/3414/503/1701- Favorites/Contender-All Finalists that I just missed the matchups on.

2620-Contender-Good performance, but got left out of the power alliances.

9255-Rookie Team to Watch-First Event Alliance Captains, one of the better performing Everybots I have seen.


5577-Contender-Struggled to make an improvement as they do much worse in qualifying, but they do go farther in the playoffs.

Belleville District:

In Summary, Belleville seemed to be a similar event to Detroit, where there were 2 teams that seemed to be the ones fighting for contention, but just a lot more competitive. The top spot would be held by 3668-Trobots, who then selected 4362-CSPA Gems as both teams had not won a blue banner this year, but definitely had the robots to do so; alongwith 9182-Tech Tribe to round out the alliance.Instead of a 100 point breakpoint, it was instead 140 which the top 2 seeds could hit but others couldn’t seem to hit the mark. Nevermind the fact that teams were scoring over 100 with ease, just showing how good the competition was. The second seed led by Michigan favorite 33, who partnered with 1023, looked to be the contender for the Finals. However, as they made it to the Winners Bracket Finals, after putting an astounding 147 points on the third seed, they would lose by 12 to the 1 seed and be sent to the Loser’s Bracket. Then disaster would strike as the third robot would fail to balance in auton, as well as some misplacements of game pieces would make them lose to the 3rd seed despite a triple balance in a 117-123 stunner. This third seed of 3604-Goon Squad, 5050-Cow Town Robotics and 6538-Linc-Bots would then be finals bound. This third seed would be able to tie the 1 seed in match two with a triple balance, but as they could never outscore them on the Grid, the ending was only a matter of time. Congrats to 3668, 4362, and 9182.


3668/4362/33-Favorites-Clear Top 3 at the event despite 33 not making the finals again.

1023/5050/-Contenders-Strong Teams that finished well

3656-Contender that I was a little higher on than most, but still a good event, they will probably fall off the top 25, but still a great team in 2023.


3604-After a poor St.Joseph I was ready to write them off for the year, but they have come back for a nice Finals Run that should guarantee them a place at States.

Traverse City District:

In Summary, Traverse City would have an interesting playoffs that made it the lone event this week to not include the 1 Seed. At the top after qualifying was 7160, as they finished with 37 rank points, a whole 5 points ahead of second place. They would choose to pair with 3688. The second overall 2834-Bionic Black Hawks would pair with 3767-Titans and along the way have two third bots in 7155-The Robotic Rangers and 5110-Robo Herd. The two seed would have trouble early in the playoffs, after a 7 seed triple balance would send them to the Losers Bracket. Alas the first two rounds of the playoffs would show who the real favorite was, as the highest two scores were by the 5 Seed, composed of 3603-Cyber Coyotes, 4377-Boyne City Blaze and 5534-Onaway Onabots. They would defeat the 1 Seed and roll to the Finals as the winners of the Winner’s Bracket. This made a pivotal 1 vs 2 Seed matchup happen earlier than we thought, in the loser’s bracket. What should have been a good match turned disastrous for the 1 seed as captain 7160 collided with 5110 which seemed to power them off just after autonomous, leading to a rather easy 2 Seed victory. The 2 Seed would then take that momentum all the way to the Finals. This Finals matchup was a 3 match back and forth, but a last second triple balance would catapult the 2 seed to the win as they outscored them by 34 charge station points in the tiebreaker. Congrats to 2834, 3767, 7155 and 5110.


3767/7160/3688/4377-Favorites/Contenders-All did very well in the playoffs, despite varying success in the qualifiers.


910-Favorite-Couldn’t recreate the same success they had in Indiana, but still a fair outing for their first Michigan event

1711-Might Have Trouble Repeating-I was correct as they didn’t repeat, but they were definitely a lot closer than I initially predicted.


4983-Contender-Failed to fight for the front, as they have to settle as captains of a low seed.

2834/3603-Playoff Team to Make a Jump-Captains of both Finals Teams, 2834 showed definite improvement over their Jackson performance, whereas 3603 finished where I expected in qualifying, but a triple offense strategy resulted in a finalist medal that I didn’t see coming.

Standish-Sterling District:

Finally after 12 tries, Standish Sterling is the first time I predicted the winner correctly. We are now 1-12 on Winners, but overall still 0-13 as my second place choice was not correct, but still got one of the finalists. Not going to lie though, I was nervous on Friday as 1506-Metal Muscle looked rough early. However, they were able to salvage it and come back finishing 8th. 302-The Dragons must have been fine though, as the Jackson Winner had no doubts choosing them as the alliance 1 partner, along with 6533-BeaverTech. The playoffs were competitive throughout as the other seven seeds would be all around the same scores. The only real drama here was the 2 Seed losing early, mostly due to a 548 failed autonomous period. Then that same 2 Seed two games later being red carded.Like many events this season, the Finals would be a mirror of the Winners Bracket Final, as the 3 Seed would be the main opponent given the absence of the 2nd Seed. This 3rd Seed consisting of 5216-E-Ville Empire, 5505-V2-Volts Squared and rookie everybot 9245-Laker, would put up similar scores to their previous games at 107 and 114 points, but this was no match to the clear favorites at Standish-Sterling putting up 128 and 145. Congrats to 302, 1506, and 6533.


302/1506-Favorites-Finally got it right. Congrats to two of the only teams to have two banners this season.

5505/4391/3641-Contenders-All were very competitive towards the top end of the field, but sadly 5505 had to settle for another finalist medal.


548-Dark Horse-Great Qualifying, so you could say I had them too low, but the red card hurts either way.


4003-Favorite-I had hopes as they paired with 7211, but having to play the 3rd and 2nd Seeds, was a tough road.

5216-Playoff Team to Make a Jump- Built a Great Alliance to make a good run, arguably the second or third best robot here.

Muskegon District:

Muskegon was indeed the event to watch, as you can go back to the Muskegon Preview for a live discussion of what was happening. I do end up going two correct predictions in a row to now go 2-12 on Winners, but it was at the cost of a great matchup.With all of the top tier talent at Muskegon, 4381-Twisted Devils would end up going undefeated and thus have the easy decision to choose 3538-Robojackets, and later on 6005-Cardinaltronics. My dream 2075-3357 matchup looked to be coming true but the last qualification match would change everything as 3357 would fall from 3rd to 6th and 3572-Wavelength would rise from 6th to 3rd. Thus crushing the hopes of a COMETS and Enigma Teamup. 3572 would indeed choose 2075-Enigma Robotics and 904-D Cubed. Then with 2960 as the third place captain it looked to pick COMETS for a crazy fight for the finalist position, but by a mixup/confusion (confirmed from a member of 2960) they chose 7054 instead. 3357 would then form their own alliance with 4422. Match 1 of the playoffs saw alliance 1 drop 160 points, which still may be a Michigan record at this time. At this point it was clear who would win the event, but in the Winner’s Bracket Final matchup between 1 and 2, 6005 would lose a bumper and be disabled putting them 2 v 3. Then moments later 4381 would flip on its side, making it 1 v 3. The 1 Seed would unfortunately lose the match; despite only losing by 2 points in a match where half of the time was 1 versus 3. They would then immediately rebound back to top form, as the remaining 3 games they played (Loser’s Bracket Final and the two Finals Matches) would have them score more than 150 points in each. An absolute top showing from Michigan teams this week. Congrats to 4381, 3538, and 6005.


3538-Favorite-Best robot by a country mile, as predicted

2075/3357-Favorite-Fantastic as always, sad they couldn’t fight against 3538 and 4381 on the same alliance, but I feel the results would have still been the same.

4422-Contender-Good team, was correct on them being a step behind of the top.


4381-Contender-I did predict they would win, but I can now admit they belong on that Top 25 list, as their autonomous puts them as one of Michigan’s best.

2960-Contender-Good robot that I wish I could have seen more of, given the alliance selection hiccup.

Nothing of note here, was pretty accurate this event, might be a tad low with 3572 only being in dark horse, but as the one qualifying match leapfrogged them to the finals, I think that still works for that definition.

Coming Soon will be the Top 25 Post Week 3 which will probably be released on Monday, but not out of the realm of possibility to be out tonight.


I wanted to wait until after the event to post about 9255, but they’re an awesome team. I was so excited to see them playing on Saturday afternoon and as a captain. I think there’s a good chance we’ll see them at MSC, but it depends on how they do at Macomb.


We had a battery connector come loose and we were completely dead.

Perhaps you missed that the 1-2 seeds actually played to an exciting 145-145 true tie in match 11 which exhausted all the tiebreakers necessitating a rematch.

Unsurprisingly, FMS wasn’t able handle that scenario, so poof like that an awesome match is officially gone.

I have photographic evidence it happened – 2023 Alliance Selection Results - #54 by KelleyCook


Yeah, you could tell it was something like that because as soon as you touched all the lights shut out. Super unfortunate.

That’s sad, yeah according to most sources that game doesn’t exist, but good to know it was even closer than it appears.

We had a fantastic time at Detroit! Thank you to our alliance partners, 503 and 6914. It was great playing with you! Congrats to 2337, 1701, 7856, and 5756 on the well deserved win. Looking forward to seeing all of you at States! Also thank you to the staff and volunteers that made the event happen. It was very well run.

In addition to Finalist, Detroit was our first time winning the Impact/Chairman’s Award. The student’s have poured a ton of effort into our outreach efforts over the past several years. They were overjoyed to have that effort recognized. As someone who was a student on the team during our rookie year when doing outreach and submitting for Impact/Chairman’s didn’t even cross our minds, it’s been amazing to see how far we’ve come.


I would like to fact check this and say that 5756 only played in winner’s semifinals, and 7856 was our alliance partner for all of the rest of the matches. Huge thanks to 5756 for being able to step in while we were trying to help fix 7856’s electrical issues, and it was awesome seeing four teams get to win a blue banner.

Thanks, Fixed.

Barring data issues, Statbotics has that alliance with all five of the highest Michigan clean scores.

So it seems the data says that Jackets/Devils getting all the way to 160 was clearly a fluke over their normal output.


Yeah total fluke. They had all the luck.

We’ll take that label with honor, we made big changes to up our game in just three days since Wayne State. The scheduling gods were kind to us, and my only regret was that we couldn’t take those finals to three matches. 2075 and 904 were great partners to play with. We could have beat 1 if everything went perfectly, but as it so often happens perfection wasn’t so easy to attain.

I was impressed by 3572 this weekend. It was great to see your elegantly designed robot and your driving was clean at Muskegon on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing more 3572 at MSC :slight_smile:


Our driver was our backup last year. He apparently was just waiting for his time to unleash the most ridiculous moves I’ve seen from our team. Definitely the right year to implement swerve.

Could only count mistakes on one hand, and it was because he was double checking scoring while crossing the field and caught the wall by surprise. He definitely knew where to score when he came back though.

Hats off to 4381, 3538, and 6005. They put together something crazy hard to beat.

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The Hackbots were great on and off the field this weekend. 4680 appreciated the programming help at Milford, and your immaculate drill index and letter F drill got our elevator back in order quickly after we sheared a shoulder bolt at Cass Tech. Best of luck at MSC!


Looking ahead for this week, the schedule is looking like this.
Monday-Top 25
Tuesday-LSSU + Lakeview 1 Preview
Wednesday-Midland + West Michigan Preview
Thursday - Troy 1 + Lakeview 2 Preview (given that these are not Friday/Saturday Events)


Shout out to the amazing FTA at Muskegon that was literally running around like a madman to make sure teams were able to play! He also handled field problems like a champ.


The Sustainability RP is starting to heat up in FiM:

Week 2:
Lansing had 5 unicorn matches (4RP) which occured for all 5 sustainability RPs
Kettering 2 had 3 unicorn matches (4RP) with 5 sustainability RPs
Wayne State 2 unicorn and 3 sustainability RPs
St Joe 1 unicorn and 1 sustainability RPs

Week 3:
Belleville had 16 unicorn matches (4RP) and 26 sustainability RPs
Muskegon 15 unicorn and 21 sustainability RPs
Travese City 15 unicorn and 16 sustainability RPs
Standish Sterling 6 unicorn and 7 sustainability RPs
Detroit 5 Unicorn in 7 Sustainability RPs

On the blue alliance page you are able to lookup stats for the event under “insights” and scrolling down the page.


That tie at Belleville was crazy.