FIM Week 4 Event Preview - Lakeview 1

There are 6 Michigan districts this week and I hope to do a preview for each event. I would rank the events but since two of the events are offset I have just a random order. This is Event 2 for 2023 Week 4, Lakeview 1.

Lakeview 1 District

Last Year Winners (2767-1188-1940) Lakeview

Favorites: Lakeview 1, as there are two lakeview events this weekend, has a clear alliance 1 at the top of the team list. These two teams are 6002-ZooBOTix and 1684-The Chimeras. Despite this, neither team has a win this season. 6002 had a shocking rank 1 performance at a top loaded St. Joseph event, against 2767, 3620 and 5712. They partnered with Stryke Force and made a nice Finals run, even going to three games, but couldn’t beat a triple offense strategy to secure the win. 1684 was at the Kettering 2 Event, where the scorched earth draft occurred; they ended as the 6 Seed Captain. Their playoffs are also interesting to look at, as they win the winners bracket and make the Finals three games. They may have only been awarded a Finalist Medal, but they technically tied the winning 4 Seed two games apiece, one of the many shortcomings of the new playoff system. I believe that these two will combine forces and get a win they had just fallen short of in their previous events. My last favorite is 5675-Wired Cats, who finished at rank 6 in St. Joseph, and led a 4 Seed to a better than expected 3rd place finish. Wired Cats has one of the fastest extension arms I have seen, and I could see them getting more cycles complete then most teams at Lakeview 1.

Contenders: The first Contender is another team that competed at St. Joseph, 5152-Alotobots. They may have finished one spot higher than Wired Cats in qualifying, but didn’t have nearly as much playoff success, settling for 5th, despite being a part of the 2 seed. The next contender may actually be the only previous winner at Lakeview 1, 1481-The Riveters. 1481 was the 5th Seed Captain at Lansing and took advantage of the 1 Seed Captain 51 having mechanical problems in the first finals match, and was able to win a banner in Week 2. They put together another alliance, where the triple offense strategy has worked out to beat a two offense one defense 1 Seed. I wouldn’t be shocked if they led another team similar to this and try to go back to back, however I think they will finish a lot closer to the top of the rankings to be able to try triple offense again. I had some trouble looking for a last Contender to fill this slot, but I decided to reach down a little on my shortlist and go with 2611-Jacktown Vectors. 2611 finished 13th at Jackson all the way back in Week 1, and as part of a 5 Seed, was swept out of the playoffs; courtesy of the 4 and 1 Seeds. Since week 1 was so long ago I should hope to see refinement and tuning on their robot, as they hope to do a lot better in the standings.

Dark Horses:
4327-Q Branch
9312-NERD Spark- at Jackson, 8 Seed Pick 1, Finalist, Rookie All Star

Playoff Teams to Make a Jump:
5676-The H.E.R.O.E.S.-11 at Jackson, 6 Seed Pick 1, 5th
9208-Eddies Circuit
4453-Red Hot Chili Bots-35 at Jackson, 1 Seed Pick 2, Winner, Judges Award
1504-Desperate Penguins

1 Seed 6002-1684 v 2 Seed 5675-4327

Next up is Midland.
Coming Soon.



Should be a wild ride, with 14 teams making their 2023 debut! Good luck everybody!


Thank you for doing this write up! We are very excited to host this group of 39 teams for Lakeview 1 and look forward to another fun year of FIRST Robotics here in Battle Creek! Good luck teams!!


I’m looking forward to seeing what 9312 can do. I thought they were excellent at Jackson and excited to see what iterations they’ve done to improve an already impressive robot.


I’ll tell you this…we won’t lose by a failed auton balance anymore!!

Can’t wait to see everyone at Lakeview. This is going to be awesome.

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Fun night so far!! We are looking forward to tomorrow!

Here’s a video of our Auton from practice tonight.

And we made a few changes. The red bumpered robot is our “V2” and what we competed with in Jackson. The blue bumpered one “V3” is what we are competing with at Lakeview!


Dark horse?..Black Mantis!


It was great running with 9312! Congratulations to 4810 as well, a win and impact! What a fun alliance!


Congrats on the win! Gonna be exciting to watch you guys at MSC!


Your team has an amazing robot! It was a pleasure running with you. It would be great to run with you at MSC!

Had a great time at this event. 5152/6002/5235 was very tough through the playoffs.


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