FIM Week 4 Event Preview - West Michigan

There are 6 Michigan districts this week and I hope to do a preview for each event. I would rank the events but since two of the events are offset I have just a random order. This is Event 4 for 2023 Week 4, West Michigan.

West Michigan District

Last Year Winners (1918-4003-6114)

Favorites: West Michigan would definitely be the event of the week if all the events happened to be the same days, thus normally last to be reviewed. You can tell as I have brought back the Challenger Tier for this event, but all three of these top tiers are pairs of teams that have something in common. The Favorites are teams that didn’t perform so well at their last event, but are ready to rebound back and go for a win. They are 3357-COMETS and 27-Team RUSH. 3357 got a win in Week 1 at Calvin University, but at Muskegon last week they were outplayed by a few of the other top teams and were left to Captain a 4 Seed, falling just short of the Finals. For Team Rush you have to go back to Week 1 Milford, where they struggled in qualifying, but were still selected to be a part of the 2 Seed alongside 4362, but just like 3357 they fell to a 3rd place finish. So both teams have a lot to prove after falling short at both events, that they were expected to at least make the Finals. 3357 to me is still a top 10 team in Michigan, the only questionable thing about them is that this is their 3rd event, and they might be trying some new things as they prep for MSC. Then while this is 27’s second district event, they did compete last week at the Central Illinois Regional, where they were Finalists, the question with them is whether that success will translate back home.

Challengers: Our next group are two identical robots, 494-Martians and 70- More Martians. Even though the robots are identical it seems 494 usually has the edge on a head-to-head basis, and this year is no different. 494 was the winner of the scorched earth Kettering 2 Event, while 70 was only a Finalist at the Kettering 1 Event. They have a very solid design that should put both of the teams in the top 8, the only question is that if their design is good enough to have the two pair together and win together, or will they split and try to make both sides of the Finals to guarantee a win for Goodrich

Contenders: For the Contenders we have two teams that paired up at Calvin University to try and upset 3357’s 1 Seed but failed to do so, 2054-Tech Vikes and 1918-NC Gears. 1918 finished 4th and 2054 finished 9th, but both would combine to make the 3 Seed that was strong enough to beat the 2 Seed in the Loser Bracket Final, but not strong enough to overcome the 1 Seed. Both of these robots have rather unique designs considering most Michigan robots; the question will be if this uniqueness is a good thing or a bad thing.

Outside Looking In:
85-B.O.B.-6 at Calvin University, 2 Seed Pick 1, 3rd
1025-Impi Robotics-6 at Milford, 4 Seed Captain, Finalist

Dark Horses:
74-Team Chaos-9 at St. Joseph, 5 Seed Captain, 4th
107-Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.
4003-Trisonics-13 at Standish-Sterling, 6 Seed Pick 1, 7th

Playoff Teams to Make a Jump:
4967-That ONE Team-18 at Calvin University, 7 Seed Pick 1, 7th
3234-Red Arrows-11 at Calvin University, 7 Seed Captain, 7th
141-WOBOT-12 at Muskegon, 8 Seed Captain, 7th
5462-2PawR-10 at St. Joseph, 5 Seed Pick 1, 4th

1 Seed 27-3357 v 2 Seed 494-70

Next up is Troy 1.
Coming Tomorrow.

4) Midland
5) Lakeview 1

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If what I’ve heard about 107’s robot is correct I think they’ll have a good weekend. I haven’t actually seen it run yet but I think they’ve got a shot at the finals.


I got to see their robot when we were at their practice field. It looks like a great bot!!!


I am also hoping for a good weekend. We are very proud of the machine we put together and excited to compete!




This event does feel a little stacked, can’t wait to see these matches! Gonna be an interesting playoff run no matter what the alliances end up being.

As someone who practiced with 2054 this week…I’m very excited to see how West Michigan treats them.

There will be some deserving (based on robot ability) robots here that miss MSC because of the depth of this event.


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