FIM Week 5 Event Preview - Kentwood

There are 5 Michigan districts in this final week of regular season competition, and I will do a preview for each event. I will also be ranking the events, this is Rank 5 for 2023 Week 5, Kentwood.

Kentwood District

Last Year Winners (4381-2771-3875)

Favorites: Kentwood is the weakest event this week and for good reason. The drop-offs between team performance and quality have two giant cliffs, one of them being after my top favorite, and an even steeper one after around 8 teams (See note regarding this below). The true winner of the event, barring an absolute catastrophe, is 2075-Enigma Robotics. After an incredible first performance at Muskegon just two weeks ago, they would jump to a top 5 team in Michigan, on many people’s lists, including my own. Despite this, they were unable to win their initial outing against the mighty RoboJackets and Twisted Devils, but should be in a perfect position at Kentwood to guarantee they don’t walk into MSC without a District Win. The next two Favorites will be the teams that will ultimately try to win over Enigma to draft them in alliance selection, or rather maximize their RP in qualifying to make a run to become the first seed captain, Teams 6090-Wayland Wildcats and 4391-BraveBots. BraveBots would be my choice between the two teams, after a Finals appearance in Week 1 Escanaba; and who knows the success they would have had at Standish-Sterling, after a Rank 3 performance, had it not been for a Red Card eliminating them from the playoffs early on. 6090 on the other hand finished Rank 6 at a loaded West Michigan event just last week, where they finished 4th leading an alliance that never dipped below 100 points in playoffs. They should look to improve on this performance with a Finals appearance likely.

Contenders: Like I said before Kentwood is a rather weak event, but there are three more teams that I could see leading alliances for a top 3 finish when all is said and done, starting with 8608-Alpha Bots. 8608 had an impressive Rank 3 Finish at Lakeview 1 this past weekend, as well as going an undefeated 12-0. This rank is definitely not the whole story, as they were denied in alliance selection twice, but take note they did still finish top 8 in OPR. At Kentwood I can’t imagine they will finish undefeated, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they still finish within the top 8. My next Contender is 3546-Buc’n’Gears, who finished 4th at Muskegon. Their Rank 7 performance was sadly only could enough to be the 5th Alliance Captain, but still were able to overachieve and secure district playoff points for MSC, while losing to top 10 team 3357-COMETS twice in that same playoff run. My last Contender is a team on their 3rd event, 4967-That ONE Team. 4967 sadly is most likely not going to make MSC, as they currently sit at 57 points, with projects around 63 being the most likely cutoff. That ONE Team should be going out with a bang as they hope to go for a least a Finals medal. They were rank 18 at Calvin University and then were rank 8 at West Michigan; if they keep on the right path, they could end their season with their heads held high.

Dark Horses:
3875-Red Storm Robotics-13 at St. Joseph, 7th; 12 at Lakeview 2, 7th
9222-BCCS Eagles-20 at West Michigan

Playoff Teams to Make a Jump:
*Since the Drop-off of teams is so great and everyone left is very similar in quality and statistics, I am not listing teams in this tier, as it would truly be a random guess, where anyone can make the playoffs.

1 Seed 2075-4391 v 2 Seed 6090-4967

Next up is Livonia.
Coming Soon.

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Really seems like a ball to see who is the appropriate suitor for 2075, or convice their parents (beating 2075 in the rankings) that they are getting married. Should be fun!

With the disaprity it’ll be interesting to see if there are defensive auditions on 2075 all weekend long that could knock them down the ranking board…

4967 is a bit disappointed by our district points performance. It’s hard to get there if you cannot get far enough to get playoff points at some of these deep events. Tough to see the Statbotics tell us we are the 68th rated team in Michigan. Hoping the Impact team can get us a last minute invite to MSC.

Thanks for the rundowns, They have been enjoyable!

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I know you make predictions off of stats but don’t be sleeping on 2771 code red, 4004 MARs rovers, or 2405 the techno trojans! We, 2405, along with 4004 had some issues at Muskegon that were resolved come the elimination rounds that really hurt our standings. I have been keeping an eye on all of us seeing some of the improvements and strategies that we have been working on at our shops and hopefully we can put up a good fight to help us continue our seasons.

Thanks for your predictions every week! Hopefully we can qualify again for State so I can see all the top teams in action live! Although Muskegon and West Michigan both showed me some great bots!


We definetly had some issues at Muskegon, but we are cautiously optomistic coming into Kentwood. Our kids did some great work in two weeks. Looking forward to it hopefully paying off this weekend. Good luck to your team as well!

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I have been keeping an eye on your progress through Facebook so I am excited to see how you guys perform this weekend. I know Muskegon was not normal for you guys at all!

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Oh, what might have been!

Q48 at Kentwood was well on its way to a filled grid for Blue, when a bumper came off! Arrghh!

So sad that we won’t see those three robots on the same alliance again.


Yeah… We felt that one. Woods screws ripping out of the bumper is a new one for us.

6090 had a good weekend pushing our team to the max trying to disprove the prediction and ultimately compete against an incredibly powerful and deserving #1 alliance. Congrats to 4391, 2075, and 9215 on the well fought victory!


We loved working with y’all on and off the field, and we’re very happy you were able to move into the final match at full strength. Excited to see y’all at DCMP this week!


Nice prediction @JessMenace ! It was a fun event. Had a great time playing with 6090 i heard (i was volunteering and didnt do much team stuff). We were hoping to team up with 6090 at west michigan but couldnt find the drive team in time to make our pick us for consistency pitch! @Landon_K

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