FIM Week 5 Event Preview - Livonia

There are 5 Michigan districts in this final week of regular season competition, and I will do a preview for each event. I will also be ranking the events, this is Rank 4 for 2023 Week 5, Livonia.

Livonia District

Last Year Winners (2832-2337-6057)

Favorites: Livonia is an event of redemption; there is a team that should probably have a win and a blue banner this season, and that team is 51-The Wings of Fire. 51 finished as the Rank 1 team at Lansing, back in week 2, and looked to have an easy win on their hands after winning the Winners Bracket. The Finals would not go so well though, as their arm would break following a twisted drive shaft, not only would this lose them match 1, but they would be unable to return for game 2, thus losing in a matchup they were easily favored in. I am confident 51 can return to the top of the mountain, I just hope they don’t fall under more mechanical issues *knock on wood. My next favorite, and who I believe will be 51’s partner to win the Livonia District, 3641-The Flying Toasters. The Flying Toasters had a solid performance at Standish-Sterling, but I still believe it was way under their potential ceiling. They were drafted to the 4 Seed after a 10 place ranking in qualification, and looked to be on the outs after a first round loss to the 5 Seed. However, they would then go a three game playoff win streak, including a comeback win against that very same 5 Seed, to end up in 3rd. The Flying Toasters should look to not only make the Finals at Livonia but win them as well. The only team that could stop them from doing so is last years Livonia Winner, 2832-The Livonia Warriors. 2832 played all the way back in Week 1 at Jackson, so a lot could have changed in between then and now, but they still were ranked 6th after qualifying, and partnered with 3656 and 5090 on the 3 Seed. Unfortunately, they were victims of the new playoff bracket, as the 1 Seed lost in the first round and decimated any team in the loser’s bracket that stood in their way to an eventual comeback win; So they finished 5th with their only two loses being to Seeds 1 and 2, the teams they were “supposed” to lose to.

Contenders: Unlike Kentwood, Livonia does have a decent group of Contenders that I could see make rapid improvement in week 5, with Teams 1250-Gator-Bots, 308-Monsters and 2620-Titans. 1250 finished Rank 10 at Troy 1 last week and should look to have better playoff success at a not as competitive district. 2620 had a Contender high Rank 6 at Detroit back in Week 3, but still was only able to finish 5th at a rather underwhelming Detroit Event. But the one true Contender is 308, who was part of a rather surprising alliance at Milford in Week 1, that was able to make a Finals appearance despite the opposition being teams 4362 and 27. Though it was a full alliance effort, a large part of that was 308, who I expect in the time since, has only gotten better as they hope to add another medal to their collection.

Dark Horses:
6861-The Tyros Team-8 at Jackson, 4th
5907-CC Shambots-8 at Lansing, 5th

Playoff Teams to Make a Jump (aka the Falcon Tier):
6152-Robo-Falcons-26 at Troy 1, 3rd
8179-Robo Falcons-23 at Belleville, 7th
(Not a Typo, legitimately 2 teams with basically the same name)
7220-Steel Falcons-19 at Belleville, 5th

1 Seed 51-3641 v 2 Seed 2832-308

Next up is Saline.
Coming Soon.

5) Kentwood


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