FIM West Michigan


Thanks to 3546 the Buc and Gears from Grand haven and team 5610 from Saugatuck for such a great weekend. Also, Thanks to all the volunteers that work so hard to make this such a well run event.


Congratulations to the winning alliance of 3546, 107 and 5610. You each did your role brilliantly and the resulting alliance was greater than the sum of the individual teams.

Your victory ends the streak of 1918 or 2054 wins that went back to 2009. Streaks like these are only valuable in that they motivate everybody to try a bit harder.

Congratulations to 85 on the DCA, and thanks to everybody who helped to make this one of the best district events in the country!


Congrats to 107, 3546 & 5610. I knew 107’s shooting and Buc & Gears awesome defense breaking and ball fetching skills would be a tough combination to beat.

Thanks to BOB for picking us and to 4956 for joining the alliance. Congrats to BOB on the chairman’s award and an awesome undefeated 12-0 seeding. It is no often you see an undefeated seeding run because it is real hard to do.

There were a lot of very good team at West Michigan and it was great to see many of our friends again.:slight_smile:


Team 4004 congratulates the winning teams 107, 3546 & 5610 from this weekend’s West Michigan competition. The M.A.R.S Rovers had a great time competing with all the other teams there. We had a team consisting of mostly new members this year and what an awesome game and venue to get them hooked into FIRST.

Our new drive team learned many valuable lessons and skills during the competition and we’re excited to see everyone at WMRI as well as in 2017.

Congrats to B.O.B on winning Chairman’s - you guys make us proud to be part of FIRST.

@Wayne, you couldn’t have said it better - you make us all try that much harder to improve next year and try to win.

Good luck at State and Worlds - make Michigan proud!


On behalf of team 85 we would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the many kind words and encouragement we received on this thread and at the West Michigan District Competition.

It was a great competition and it was an honor competing with/against a great field of teams. A special thanks to Tech Vikes 2054 and RoboSharks 4956, it was a privilege to forge an alliance and compete our way through the quarters, semi’s and eventually to the finals! You all rocked and made the adventure of being a part of Finals awesome!

It’s pretty amazing when everything comes together and a team experience’s a win, whether it be on the competition floor, or an award. However we would like to extend our congratulations to every team present at the West Michigan District Event. You all have something to be proud of and have accomplished much!

Team 85 is truly grateful for the honors awarded at the West Michigan District Competition. We also recognize that there is no way a win or loss at a competition can truly begin to compete with the the larger benefit, of what both the students and mentors, gain in the experience of being a part of this wonderful thing called “FIRST”.

Team 85 is also very grateful for all the volunteers(judges, field crew, refs, robot inspectors, safety glasses monitors, and the many behind the scene people we never even see) who were there as gracious hosts, (boy that field crew work hard on the field, oooh… the knees and backs) Thanks to all, with out all of you… this would not be possible and we appreciate it!