FIN Columbus District Event - Reduced Waste Focus

The first ever FIN Columbus District Event is just around the corner March 18-20. Team 4926 is proud to say we are focusing on this event being a reduced waste event! What that means is instead of “Trash Cans” we’ll have what we are calling Sustainability Stations that have Recycling Containers, Compost containers, and a bucket for ‘liquids’ aka your left over Mountain Dew.

Our food vendors will be serving in compostable plates, clam shells, cups etc. and we’ll have volunteers at the Sustainability Stations to help guide the sorting. After the event we’ll truck the recyclables and composting material to suppliers that accept those materials. We’re excited to see how this goes and hope that teams will embrace our effort to lower the environmental impact of FRC events!


The numbers are in: 770 lbs diverted from the landfill!

The FIRST Indiana Robotics Columbus Event was held as a reduced waste event in Week 3 and although only a first step, it was a success! We encourage all events to assess their environmental impact and go this direction. Here’s a quick run down:

Approximately 46 bags of recycling, went into 10 city of Columbus, 96-gal toters, which equals approx 550 lbs. of recycling diverted from Bartholomew County landfill.

Approximately 31 bags of compost, filled a truckload, 220 lbs. diverted.

11 sustainability stations - See preceding post for an example

30 volunteers over the course of Fri night set up, Sat & Sun events, Sun tear down to help people understand where to put stuff.

Had good conversations with people while working stations. By the 2nd day, attendees/students understood the process, and we received positive responses from many for doing the waste diversion project.

Team 4926 expects to make this a requirement for events moving forward here locally. However, getting teams to ‘buy-in’ to reduce the non-recycling/non-compostable content they bring remains challenge. Let’s all do better folks!


Love seeing this! I hope we can start to see more of this not only at FRC events but any events locally.


Woop woop! This is awesome! Thanks for such a great event!

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