FIN Events - Most Anticipated

Alright CD - tell me, how do the #FIRSTINRobotics District events look this season? Beyond the quality technical discussions around the robots and strategies teams are working on - who are the teams you’ve seen working hard on their team culture that you look up to?


suPURDUEper Robotics, 7457, is excited to attend Bloomington and Columbus, and the lineups at both look incredible.

Lots of teams we look up to, but a major shoutout to 1741, who just hosted an open field scrimmage day last saturday where we got to learn a lot about our bot.


As a fun side project, I’ve spent some free time writing a basic macro in Excel to project where teams will rank in the state after District Champs. Of the Top 10 on this list, 7 of these teams will be at Perry Meridian this year. I also think that something similar to 2017 could happen where we see the most offensive game style at Perry and the best overall game (Offense & Defense) at State Champs.

However, those are the numbers talking. Personally, I’m ready for Bloomington just so we’re back in competition season!


I know looking forward to the St. Joe event, but that’s mostly because its in our backyard & we get to sleep in our own beds. The scouting team keeps saying that Perry will be a very competitive event. We are disappointed that there are some teams we wont see until the State Championship. We were really looking forward to seeing 7457 and Love watching 1747’s auto play.

As for teams we look up to…My students love working with 4272. They are always so nice and inclusive. Always willing to try something new and always seem like they’re having the time of their life at every competition they attend.

3940 is another team we look up to for a lot of the same reasons above. As a growing team we really find ourselves pushing the boundaries of our structure and knowledge. 3940 is always willing to help us figure out where we can alleviate some of those growing pains.

135, 1741, 234, 1501, 461 have such a strong community presence which is something we have been working hard towards in these last couple of years.

This is just to name a few, I’m sure i’m missing some that my students talk about all the time as inspirations.

I will say when I was a student on 135 back in 2006, I was personally inspired by 1114. Fast forward a life time later, 5484 ended up going to worlds on a wait list for power up. Day 1, we just got through bag check and are making our way to the stands to scope out seating arrangements. We turn the corner and dozens of bright red 1114 hoodies are staring back at me. I start fan boy-ing out REAL hard…I mean hands waving in the air, the whole nine yards. My students ended up loosing it over that. It was the first time I’ve ever seen their team in person.


It’s interesting, among the 4 FIN events, how little overlap there is. Only two teams are playing at both Bloomington and St. Joseph; I’ll be looking to see how the gameplay changes between those two events, and how the meta evolves as teams come together at the later districts and State Championship.


The Average Joes are looking forward to competing at St. Joe, the weekend after we compete at St. Joe.


7502 CyberBuggies are going to be at St. Joe and Columbus, really excited for St. Joe because its close to home, and we had a good time there last year. This time we are going in with some experience under our belt which will certainly help us to compete better. This year we really pressured ourselves to build a more complex bot than we did last year and currently, it is turning out very nicely.


I’m excited to see how St. Joe plays out, as the event has few of the top Indiana teams. I’ll give my “Car Nack” style hot prediction: 2/3 of the winning alliance will win their first event since Indiana went districts or ever, and they will be Indiana teams.

I would consider 4 IN teams to be the top contenders at the event (71, 135, 461, 3940) - of them, 71 last won a regional in 2013, 135 hasn’t played in event finals since 2015, 461 has yet to win an event, and 3940 will be defending their win at St. Joe last year.

I also see this as an event for some Indiana teams to get a chance to shine without all those amazing Indy teams taking the top spots. Teams like 1646, 3494, 4982, 5484 and others have good opportunities to be alliance captains/1st picks and will get a chance in the hot seat. And of course, there are a few FIM teams coming down South that will be fierce competitors as we always see from FIM.

Finally, with only 28 teams signed up at the moment, scouting will be ever important as teams try to identify their last picks with fewer options. Some alliances may need to get creative in their strategy to accompany the unexpected strengths of their last picks.

tl;dr the St. Joe event will not be the most competitive IN event overall, but it will be interesting to watch for several other reasons.


It would be nice to see 461 break that finalist curse…


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