FIN: St. Joseph Postponement

Dear FIN Community (and CD),

I wanted to officially let you know that FIN is in communication with the Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation and have been notified that the St. Joseph District Event has been postponed due to concerns for the health and welfare of students and other participants, along with all large community events.

We are disappointed that teams will not have a chance to compete this weekend, and we recognize that there will be many questions about how this will affect the remainder of the season, yet we respect the decision of the host school district. The health and safety of teams and volunteers are our top priority. Penn High School has been and continues to be a strong supporter of FIRST programs and FIRST Indiana Robotics events and we look forward to working with the school on a future event.

This is a dynamically changing situation, and FIN is continuing to stay in contact with local health officials, event coordinators, and school districts regarding next steps for each event. At this time, we do not have any status changes in the Columbus, Perry Meridian, or State Championship Events.

FIRST Indiana Robotics is working closely with FIRST Headquarters to determine next steps for advancement to District and Championship Competitions.

We also encourage you to use only Center for Disease Control and Indiana State Department of Health materials when sharing information with students and parents.

All updated can be found on the FIN website here:

Thank you,

RBB (Renee Becker-Blau)
Please note this is an Official Message from the FIN President


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