FIN: Statewide Events Update - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hello CD,

Given the recent news about the Coronovirus (COVID-19), the FIRST in Indiana Board of Directors shared the following update via email to teams on 3/10/20 at 10am ET. Please click the following link to read our comments -

Updates from FIRST Indiana Robotics (Following FIRST HQ and local, state and national health official directions) will be posted here via the “” link with the most recent updates first.

Please be aware, this is a message from Renee Becker-Blau, President of FIRST Indiana Robotics, in an official capacity (to be clear who this message is coming from). For my #FINFAM teams, you know how to communicate with us, please use the direction we’ve provided as I am unable to monitor CD on a regular basis.

Thank you,

RBB (Renee Becker-Blau)


Thanks for this direction, Renee and the Indiana Board of Directors! I agree with this decision and support your effort to communicate this info clearly.

Andy B.


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