FINAL At-Home Engineering Challenge

Last engineering challenge! The person with the most points at the end of this challenge will earn a $50 amazon gift card. I will PM the person for their email address, you must supply a valid email address to receive your prize :wink:

Starting with knocking over a domino,
Construct a Rube Goldberg Machine that will “feed your pet” (sprinkle fish food, drop kibble in a bowl, etc.)

Most complicated Rube Goldberg Machine wins.

-Each linear “step” that works towards feeding your pet in the machine earns 1 point
-Each unique forked “dead end” completed before feeding pet earns 1 point (1 point for the dead end, steps towards getting dead end don’t count)
-Each forked and merged branch earns an extra 2 points.
-Computer executed code does not count towards steps and will not earn additional points.
-Successfully feeding your pet earns 10 points.
-Having the entire machine work on video in 1 try without intervention earns an extra 15 points.

-Must post pictures of machine, and enumerate and describe each step to earn points
-Must film a successful run (in parts, or in total for bonus) & link video here.

-Competition runs through 5pm Eastern on Monday May 4th (you have extra time to complete this!)

-All decisions final, don’t like my rules, run your own competition.

Example OK Go video -
Example Steps (starting from beginning):

  1. Pushing car
  2. Dominoes falling
  3. Releasing block
  4. Car going down ramp hitting pool ball
  5. Pool ball hitting mechanism to turn on IPod/Speaker
  6. Speaker shooting ball.

Example Forked and merged branch:
-(at 26 seconds) Releasing dual ball bearings that knock into other ball bearings, which fill holes to allow pass one to pass through (if the holes weren’t filled, the sequence stops). Recreating the OK video could be argued for 8x Forks and branches (8 holes needed filled).
-(at 39 seconds) Ball bearing rolling to be lifted, after activation from roll of tape.

Example forked “dead end”
-(at 63 seconds) Turning on lights, fans, etc. each are a dead end. Flipping the switch to complete the circuit do not count as steps since they’re part of the dead end.

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Sam_J4409 - 29
JKBear331 - 25
ChopinWood - 12
Karaoke - 9
Nadeem - 8
Jacob_Banooni - 5
Ari_2412 - 4
jago21 - 4
JimboFee - 2
UnofficialForth - 2
Lipstick - 2
PaytonB - 2
Brittan - 1

Sooooo make a rube goldberg machine?

Yep. Pay attention how the points work :wink: and let me know if you have questions about that. It’s complicated.

How many points for calculating the correct score for the music video?


Can younger siblings and/or robots be substituted for pets?


I’ll give you an 'attaboy.

Feed delicious metal shavings to the roborio.


Worst Rube Goldberg machine ever.

this is my RGI6H. (Rube Goldberg in 6 Hours) Despite the longer time, i didn’t have a lot due to finals being due last night, so in 6 hours today, I put together a 7 step machine.
Google drive video
1 dominoes knock over prop stick
2 stick triggers spinny thingie,
3 spinny starts ball rolling
4 ball releases truck
5 truck releases tape measure
6 tape measure starts car rolling
7 car tips over cup to feed my dog


If the video doesn’t work let me know, I can upload it to YouTube, it’s just more of a hassle for me than Google drive


Looks like 32 points for the final challenge.

@Sam_J4409 Congratulations on winning the Engineering Challenge. I will coordinate via PM to send you the fabulous prize.

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