Final Bin Bash Congratulations and Thanks

I just wanted to say thank you to Mike and Pete for bringing us the Nasa field today for competition (even if it did take us almost 3 hours to get everything cleaned and packed up), and thank you to them for everything they did for and during the competition.

I want to say thank you to the refs that took time today to volunteer and do a great job (yay “big mike” and the lucas).

I also would like to thank everyone else who volunteered, the field reseters, the scorers, the music man (yes, i know, bad reference), etc.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Team 25 for holding this in their gym for the second year in a row and trying to make things run as smoothly as possible with sudden last minute changes. Also, a big thank you to Wayne Cokeley for all his time and effort.

Congratulations to teams 222 and 303 on winning Brunswick Eruption V. 2.0: The Final Bin Bash! As well, congratulations to 222 on winning NJ’s King of the Hill contest.

And to everyone else I probably forgot, since I’m absolutely exhausted right now.

Special thank you to Anthony (aignam) for making my day, and making Corey cry. Who else can so classily cause 3 bins to fall out from underneath him? :wink:

And just to spare msyelf the embarassment later, yes, I caused an already broken table to have the legs on one side fall in the middle of the competition today.


PS - Does anyone have 1089 pictures from the competition that they could email me?

Heheheh, from what I’ve noticed… 222 seems to be doing really well in the offseasons lately and winning them. Good job again to them! :slight_smile:

Thanks for a GREAT COMPETITION even though there were 14 teams.

Special thanks to:

Team 303 for picking us!

Team 341 for letting us (borrow) your girls for the all girls round and winning with only 10 minutes of practice time and training!

Time for sleep up from 3:00AM to 12:00AM = 21 Hours…

I need some rest for RAMP RIOT!

Great Job guys. That was quite an interesting King of the Hill match :stuck_out_tongue: . 25, 303, 222 all circling the middle.
It flowed pretty well, with the exception of the 555 transmission problem. Great Job setting that field up, I expected some kind of electrical problem like there has been at previous events.

Great Event guys, I will hopefully be able to attend Brunswick Eruption 3.0 next year.

PS: 222, make sure to win ramp riot, get all three of em in a row :smiley:

Here are the results for B.E. v 2.0- The Final Bin Bash

Champions- 303 and 222 Congratulations

Finalists- 555 and 136

Ladies Rounds- 11 and 222

Crowd’s Choice Robot- 136

Kids Choice Robot- 11

Referees Choice- 102

King of the Hill- 222

While lightly attended, the event seemed to be fun for all. I hope we get a bigger crowd next year. I would appreciate feedback from the attendees on how we can improve it. Please e-mail me.

A good chunk of the profits made on the event are designated to the RINOS fund to benefit new teams in the region.

Thanks once again to NASA, Mike Wade and Pete Baltzell for allowing us the use of their field an for making the trip up to NJ to work the event. And thanks to our J&J friends Don Bowers and Traci Gorki for emceeing for the day.


Thank you
Team 341 for letting us (borrow) your girls for the all girls round and winning with only 10 minutes of practice time and training!


**THANK YOU ** for giving our team some extra driving time and trusting us with your machine. I can tell from the final results that we didn’t do any damage :wink:


To Wayne C. and the Team 25 Crew:

Thank you for putting on another great event.

Although I couldn’t be there with the team, I was calling the coaches all day long. I know our kids had a great time! Our Rookies also got lots of Booth Time which is VERY valuable for the team.

These events take so much effort to pull together but benefit so many. Every team that played is a little better prepared for 2004!

Team 341 really appreciates all that you do!

Al Ostrow
Team 341

It was a long and tiring day, but an exciting one. The team 25 drive team completely consists of rookie members- none of us have experienced this kind of stress before PARC. Thanks to teams like 102 who worked hard with us. Thanks more to 1089 who went easy on our bot when we had to go out with a broken drivetrain.

The competition ran well, despite its miniscule size. Next year we’re hoping to at least double the attendance, and this requires your help. Start new teams, bring more from out of state. It may be that the North Brunswick Competition is here to stay- heck, we have an entirely different gym that no team has seen, easily allowing us to triple the size of the event.

A good amount of money was raised for RINOS as well, though the exact amount is not known yet. Think of it this way guys- by going to this event and having the fun, exciting day you all did- you helped a few rookie teams that’ll come into existance later on.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going back to bed.

Thanks 25 for the great event!

I’d like to add a “thank you” to all the teams who came and participated in Final Bin Bash, for without them, the event wouldn’t have been possible! What a wonderful show of sportsmanship and gracious professionalism there was throughout the day. I trust everyone had as wonderful a time as I did and hopefully next year, even more teams will turn out for the event!
Congratulations to all the teams on a terrific day!

Yes, thank you to NASA, Mike and Pete, for supplying us with the field and helping us run the event, Mr. Cokeley, for putting in hours of work to make the event happen, all of the referees and volunteers for their hard work, Mario for the DJ-ing, and last, but definitely not least, the other teams for showing up and making Brunswick Eruption 2.0 : The Final Bin Bash possible. You guys rock. Hopefully next year we will be able to run the event again, with more attendance. I’m sure we can look forward to more great events like this one.

I’d like to make a special thank you to Mario for keeping my team
(1089) high-spirited yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many hyper dancing girls in one contained space.

Even Brian Lucas was impressed, wanted to know why I didn’t bring them to Duel on the Delaware.

I also want to thank my team for being so spirited :)! It made everyone else that much more excited to be there.

Hey- Dont forget the Big Kahuna, Paul Kloberg, for doing a huge amount of the arrangements for the field and its operations. We couldn’t do this without him

WC (under Tton’s name- NYEAH!)

*Originally posted by Tton *
**Hey- Dont forget the Big Kahuna, Paul Kloberg, for doing a huge amount of the arrangements for the field and its operations. We couldn’t do this without him

WC (under Tton’s name- NYEAH!) **

Wow, I was going to say, I didn’t think Erik could spell “Kahuna.”
Yes, and thank you Paul Kloberg for giving me an FBB Crew shirt after I asked all day :slight_smile:

Congrats also to the 2003 Big Kahuna, Shaun McNulty, for his hard work all year and for FBB!


Damaging our robot?

Things replaced/fixed during 8 competitons…

1 bent front axle

a couple light covers

a bent stopper for our arm (Duel on the Delaware when we tangled with 341)

and a few changes of drill motors and gearboxes

However our robot looks like it has been through BattleBots

We found out that you can really dent and puncture holes in 1/8 Lexan!

I would like to thank all the teams that were still there durning the finals, and didnt kill me, after that 45 miute break in the finals

Congrats to all the teams that attended the competition, you are the ones that help FIRST grow in NJ ( or the North East as the case may be)

Thank you to Mike and Pete, i dont think anyone in FIRST works as hard as those guys and love it as much as they do

Anyone on the pit crew on my team can easily testify that we suffered some of the heaviest damage Evil Machine has seen since the final 2 rounds of nationals.

In just one competition, BE 2.0:

Our wings were bent three times, we lost two pistons, lost use of the grippers, ofllowed by the final set of wings being ripped apart, then pneumatics and solenoids being heavily smashed, the arm itself taking so much damage that the rods keeping the grippers at a 90 degree angle to the floor snapped off and flew out, the arm itself refused to raise at time, we exploded two drill transmissions, broke off large pieces of QUARTER INCH DIAMOND PLATE armor, locked the drive train on several different occasions due to damages, blew a few couplings, couldn’t even place the last set of couplings we had on CORRECTLY because of damage, and was even forced to disconnect the drill motors on three seperate occasions due to damages. Several of the pieces during the final rounds and the king of the hill rounds were ZIPTIED together.

Yet our pit crew made EVERY round, and EVERY mini game.
Daytona 500 pit crews- eat your hearts out.

BE 2.0 was tough. Wait until 3.0 :smiley:

Hey all FBB guys and girls…

222&303: It was great being able to hang with my adopted team 222 and get to meet with some great guys 303 during the matches. i still will suggest you guys keep the hats to yourselves though, you don’t know what they truly can do now.
Lucas it was great meeting you.
All the volunteers, great job doing what you guys did and hope to see some of you on the fields this year.
25 and other hosts, it was an amazing event, i wish more teams could be as gracious with holding events as you all were.
555 great job fixing your bot as best as you could in the finals in the 20 min break, i have never seen a team stressed so much do as much as you guys did in an off season.
And to everyone else, thanks for once again making an event such a great one, it was a pleasure to be able to spend m Saturday afternoon with such great people.

Well i think i speak for all of the drive crew for 222 when i say thankyou to all espically to Big Mike and 303

From Freak Boy(Travis) Pimp Master C. (Cliff) Elf Boy (Henry) And Double B. (Brad) Along with our pit crew Crazy Carl and Halo (Dave)