Final Bin Bash Pictures

Does anybody have any Final Bin Bash pictures that they can upload on CD or elsewhere?

Dave (Dave_222) said that as soon as he sorts out the 289 pictures that his mom took yesterday, he will post some. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Does anyone else out there have any pictures that they intend to put up?

yep i have a whole lot and once i am done sorting out the bad ones ill post em.

I hear there’s a nice pic of 102 & 303 on the ramp…should be cool

Yeah we got some nice pics, the person on our team with the digital camera hasnt sent me pics yet. I wanna see the pic she took of us (303) lifting 102 up with our wings ^_^. They are quite powerful :smiley: .

yes i have a great pic of 102 ontop of 303 and touching the HDPE with just one wheel. I have around 289 pics total if you would like to see specific ones E-Mail me because i will not be posting them all on cd.

I demand a .zip of every last one of them! :smiley:

*Originally posted by Dave_222 *
**yes i have a great pic of 102 ontop of 303 and touching the HDPE with just one wheel. **
acctually, since you wernt on the field. i will let it go :stuck_out_tongue: but after a few belly checks, and a slip of paper under 102’s wheel, 102 was in the air completly… just for the record :wink:

you know- for the first time I didn’t take ANY pics at a FIRST event. I am looking forward to seeing what our two photographers came up with.


Dave_222, do you have broadband? Maybe you could send some pics my way. :wink:

I’ve finally uploaded all the pics our web designer took at the competition, one by one. By hand. Via carrier pigeons.

And btw, when you get to it, this is jump ‘n’ bump:

Fun game.

No sorry i do not have broadband but if you want i cand send many of them via-mail.