Final Fantasy help!

***Hey everyone who plays Final Fantasy XI…whats the answer to this? “Through my tears, I gave life to all the races of Van 'diel. Who am I?” :confused: I’ve been looking everywhere! * **


Best place for video game walkthroughs.

***Thanks! I got the answer from some other forum I had…ironically…before this one! But thank you for the help…I’m positive I will use it in the future. :smiley: :slight_smile:

PS: The answer, if curious, was the Goddess Altana. Go figure.***

Yeah, She is the goddess of Vana’diel, supposedly one of those who created the land. The Cathedral in San’D’Oria is always praising her. Your using that FFXI Bot on AIM right? There is a whole history on there and it’s also on the official FFXI site.

i guess i just don’t pay attention… :rolleyes:
what was that? oooh, you were talking to me!:wink:
thanx for the help!

tary post on a gamer site that you can ok I think that ChiefDelphi is for robat stofe not games

This IS offtopic discussion… notice there’s not much robot related stuff here? I’m guessing there’s a lot of Final Fantasy fans here… I just started playing FFX b/c I got curious about RPG games…