Final FRCTop25, Detroit Recap, and Cory Walters (2767 coach) interview.

Join us for the final 2018 FRCTop25, Detroit Recap, and interview with Cory Walters: Drive Coach from World Champion 2767 Stryke Force!
Watch and chat live starting at 8:30pm Eastern.

Also photo Gallery from Detroit is up on FUN’s FB.
View Photo Gallery:

For the FRCTop25 we will be utilizing a 50/50 weighted split of pre-championship votes (from 545 submissions) along with an objective weighting system taken from both championships that is a modified version of the district points system and complied by Jaci. We believe that while not perfect will provide a reflection on a teams entire season performance and not just based on their championship or pre-championship results.

If you have any questions for Cory please post here or in the live show. We may have time to take a couple.

About to start! Hope you can join us!

Where is it possible to find a list of the final TOP25?