Final hours

Since Bag N’ Tag is just a few hours away, how are all the teams out there handling it? anyone having to make drastic changes with there extra 6 hours or tomorrow?

Bag and Tag isn’t until Midnight on Tuesday. There is still time.

Yeah. Don’t scare us like that.

Bag N’ tag is tomorrow night for a lot of teams in my time zone, you guys are on the other side of the country lol

Well, it seems as though our climbinging mechanism isn’t working as it should. We may end up making a frisbee launcher with the remaining time…

Our kids kicked butt today, so at this point the list is fairly short. We need to mount the hanger, get the bumpers polished off, touch up the paint, clean up the pneumatics (and probably adjust it for weight distribution).

cool, our team just has to mount our bumpers and the guards to keep the Frisbee’s out of our robot then we are done, we are planning on practicing most of tomorrow before we bag.

I’m curious if any teams are staying up and waiting to tie the bag at 11:59 just for funsies? Any plans?

We’re just planning on staying until our competition bot is assembled and bagged. then we’re going to go home and come back wednesday to work on tuning our practice bot and practicing.

We’re actually mechanically done, with just some tweaks on the programming side that don’t really require the robot. Due to how things work on the team, the robot’s now residing at a mentor’s garage to be bagged tomorrow. It’ll stay there until Lone Star, where we’ll load up the new code, slap on the signs, and start hitting the field and filler line on Thursday morning.

It’s a bit of a change from previous years where we had a bit of a laundry list of things that had to get done on Thursday morning before we even got inspected.

I wish we polished our bumpers. :rolleyes:

Make sure you have your belaying points installed, even if you have no intention to climb.

If you’re feeling ambitious, like everything is handled already :wink: , consider a way to keep from rolling on top of frisbees on the floor. The upside down ones can ruin your driving AND if you are carrying four already, pushing another one along the floor can give your opponents some undeserved points. Yes, you can avoid penalty by shooting one off into nowhere, but wouldn’t a cowcatcher thingie be useful? It’s not like there are any big bumps to go over.

3 of our 5 sub-systems are getting re-made/re-designed tomorrow morning. Should be a fun day! :rolleyes:

Our team had a drastic measure. We have to totally rebuild the shooting platform. Our shooter mechanism wasn’t working well at all. We are switching wheels and remounting a lot of things.

We have a lot to do… .:ahh:

Not a whole lot to be done here. Mostly just programming the Autonomous and driver trials. Oh, and Spirit subteam is busy making skirts for everyone. 8) Animation needs to make adhesive vinyls for side shields. Team Integration is taking a well-deserved break after pneumatics headaches.

Last year we bagged at 11:45. I guess our team is named accurately…

Hopefully we will be finishing earlier this year, we have a lot less left to do, depends on how much time our programmers need, and how long we can justify staying for driver practice.

2471 is basically ready to go. We need to replace some cardboard placeholders (they don’t really blend with the CNC parts all around them) and work on sticking on sponsor logos. My team really pulled together this weekend and got us into position to have some real fun at Portland in a few weeks.

Everyone should be proud of the robot that they have been working on these six short weeks. :slight_smile:

Ha! Ending a meeting at just midnight will be shorter hours than we’ve been utilizing this build! :]
I won’t spoil any details, but I can say that we are using every moment to notch up our abilities. I believe we have built a platform and strategy with a lot of potential.

We’re essentially mechanically done now, but we’ll be making small tweaks up until bagging tomorrow.

Our electrical boards are wired, but nothing is wired to them, so we’ll be doing that tomorrow as well.

Which should give me a few hours to test the code and run some critical experiments to determine ratios, etc, as well as PID tuning.

We’re cutting it closer than I would have liked, and we won’t really get any driver practice, but it’s our 3rd year and still a massive improvement over last year. I’m not complaining :cool:

We’re done and have been practicing nearly full-time since Friday. Just doing our community presentation tomorrow and sealing it up.