Final Programming Questions

As the last few days unroll, got a few more quests for anyone who can answer:

Distance per count - the Labview documentation uses an example of 64 times per rotation of the wheel. How I know this for our situation? is the default 64? Is this the value of ‘Minimum Rate’ that I set in the Config timer?

We are not using a camera in the competition. Since we are not using it, should I remove the camera init code in Basic Robot Main? Does it offer any benefit (lower startup time) ?

No need to keep it. I think the only difference will be in download time.

Greg McKaskle

ok, so you are allowed to remove the camera code? and what about the encoders?

It is only template code, kind of like other KOP. It is probably wise to start with it, but no need to use it all.

I don’t understand the encoder question. There was no default code for doing encoders. There are examples that you could incorporate.

Greg McKaskle

ok, I just do not know if I should use the defaults put in the example for our robot, or if I am supposed to derive something special

You need to find the specs for the encoders. I think the encoders in the kit of parts is 250 ppr. We found that the Andy Mark wheels traveled about 19.5 inches for one turn. Divide that by the ppr and you should have your distance per count.