Final Render Questions

hey, im rendering my final version of the animation and some of the quality is coming out bad. i originally rendered different scenes as avis and am combining them in adobe premier pro. now im compressing them with cinepak and some of the quality seems really poor when it was originally awesome. when it is compressing the avis objects that are high poly and have quite a bit of lighting on them are becoming very “washed out”. ive tried dv-ntsc and it only seems to look even worse. would it be possible to render it as an avi if the quality is better, and then convert it 2 a .mov? any and all advice would be appreciated.

We rendered it straight to a .mov file. It is going to look bad because you are compressing the video…even though the file size may not appear so.

umm…i have 2 compress it because if not then its over the 250 limit, idk about urs but its kinda hard to stay under that uncompressed…its like 550 mg uncompressed…any other ideas?

ours is like that too…it is 669mb uncompressed. Everyone is going to compress the file. No I have no other ideas as to how you can fix this

so ur just gonna submit it uncompressed?

I had Cinepack AVI at 80% quality for export from Adobe Premiere and got 44 sec of slate+animation+credits in 94 MB. (720x480@29.97 fps)
From 3dsmax though, I had rendered in uncompressed so, adding up all the footage, I get about 20 GB of stuff.

You can only render in DV NTSC or Cinepak codecs, keep that in mind. We had this same problem last year of getting our animation under the limit - make sure your frame rate is 29.97, you’re exporting as a .mov file, and if you have to just reduce the quality of it. Sometimes taking the quality down just a little bit will reduce the file size quite a bit.

No, we have followed the guidlines and rendered it as an mov and it is around 200mb.