Final Showcase|2587 DiscoBots|2011 Logomotion

Our Final video:

4 hours until our first regional begins! (ALAMO)

The DiscoSlide:
4 wheel omnidirection drivetrain, 3 degrees of freedom.
3 stage vertical lift.
Arm with roller collector, powered on the bottom

Film Notes:
Canon T2i,
3.5 Kit Lens
f/1.4 Canon Prime
FCP 6, Motion

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, shortened for our own purposes.

Entirely student made,
Shot by Nick Dulworth & Leo Linbeck IV.
Edited by Nick Dulworth

Looks really nice. I love the guy shielding himself with the Cornhole board.

I have no idea how this video fell slipped by my radar and clearly so many other people’s, but that was one of the best videos I have ever seen. It was like watching fantasia.

Thanks for your praise! check out our other build video/118 tribute/parody

The scene with the driver station falling onto the robot was all too familiar!