Final Stage

First of all i would like to thank all you guys for your continous support. Finally with everyones help and god’s grace i am finished all the programming and eventually i am on final stage. My final task is to implement all codes into one big Code!

  1. Gyro code
  2. Accelerometer Code
  3. Camera Code

Now anyone has idea on how can i do this? do I just need to plug out gyro.c, gyro.h, accelerometer.c, accelerometer.h and put them in camera code? and than just call them? Also, How do i make my robot move using camera code? because some of the stuff is commented into the camera code right? which i have to uncomment before i can move my robot? :slight_smile:

Do it step by step and follow all the readme files. They literally have all the direction you need, but do it step by step and test each part. You have to keep in mind conflicting pwm’s, inputs, outputs etc.