final weight

I was wondering how much everyone’s robot weighed they packed it up in the box. Ours was 120 (assuming the scale was accurate)

119.6, and proud of it :slight_smile:

Our original weight was 124 lbs. we did some drilling and cutting and weighed it on two different scales we tested each scale with dumb bell weights and they were equal we weigh our robot and we get 113 lbs. and 120 lbs. go figure :rolleyes:. We ended up taking some more stuff off but never weighed it again. So we’re probably just under 120.

So our field weight would be: 144.5 (Robot + Bumpers + Battery)

approx. 68 :ahh: . he have alot of steel to add on thursday at detroit

81.5(and all we got left is bumpers and some lexan for our spinner protectors

I believe initialy we were half a pound over weight. But after eliminating an unecessary piece and cutting the height of the robot down by several inches (All thanks to a power saw) our final weight came down to about 117-118 lbs. A lot of that came form Speed holes and using polycarbonate instead of a steel/Rubber wraped grate for side panels.

We’re really light and thats with the battery. We haven’t actually weighed it yet…and it’s allready shipped. It probably wont get any much more weight because we’re not having bumpers and all we have left to is lexan.

1293’s right on the bubble. We were closer to 130 entering week five, but the Hosford-Stankovic Diet Plan (patent pending) knocked us back down around 115. We added some things since then, so we’ll see when we step on the scale at Palmetto.

We shipped Francios VII at 126 lbs, without the battery/bumpers … Better than the 135 we were Monday morning! Unfortunately, we still have some weight loss to do …

This should be the first year since 2003 where we are underwieght. When we weighed the last time we were ~118, but that was with the battery. So, with the extra stuff we need to add (a shield and a little cloth) we should be about 115 lbs. So, we’ll probably need to add some ballast. :smiley:

119.7 lb at ship after being 10 pounds over a week before ship with no power to the machine shop for the final week.

121-122: a bit of weight loss still needed, but better than the fifteen we had to lose in week 6. The Jenny Craig Diet did wonders for it. (we really did have a box labeled this which we filled with any material removed from the robot until the box totaled 15 lbs.)

119.5 or there abouts…underweight regardless :slight_smile:

114 lbs. the day of ship. All we have to add is some side protection (we’ll probably do this with strips of lexan or netting).

Including our 11 lbs. of bumpers and the battery, we weigh 137 lbs. right now.

The day before ship 118… yeah baby

For the first time ever we were severely overweight, at about 124 without a ball pickup, the ball pickup weighed about 4-5 pounds and our final weight turned out to be 119.5, we started cutting everything in sight (including smaller netting, cutting excess from top and bottom, cutting plates, cutting holes, making wire smaller and even accidently cracking the entire motor control board, while making a whole for a connector we didn’t have.)

Bottom line:
We hope the scale at competition is the same as ours.

117.5 without bumpers or battery

the night before ship… 157. ship day… 124. we have a little more work to do but it shouldnt be too hard to take off 4 more pounds after already taking off 33 lbs.

Team 461’s Rowdy 7 was somewhere in the 118-119 lb. range.

wow thats alot…you know theres only so many holes you can drill befrore you compromise structural integrity so you guys should be carefull not to make the same mistake one of the members on my team did taking from a crucial part setting us back. Well good luck to you and all the other teams competing out there.