Finally, A Robotics Water Game!

Taking advantage of the Covid lull, Team 4415 put together the long awaited, often dismissed robotics water game! The competition synopsys:

Seaside living is fantastic. The sun, the sand, and the pounding surf draw daily crowds to enjoy the wonders in and on the water. But enjoying these safely is a challenge. Fun can quickly turn into disaster with a boat BBQ gone wild. This game requires your team to design a robot that can be launched from dockside, navigate through a crowd of swimmers, then rescue a family from their burning boat. Return them to land, then head back to douse the flames. Hero points for salvaging sunken treasure from the ocean floor and delivering a stranded mermaid back to her sea-bottom home.

Check out the game video at the link below!


OMG, this is awesome!

That’s really awesome :smiley: