Finally Displaying My FRC Pins

Finally got a shadowbox to put my pins (and a couple patches) in!


If I had known you were doing this, I would have mailed you the ones that got delivered here by mistake!

None of those lovely white and rose 3468 pins?

I wasn’t really worried about it since I actually don’t have the 2020 and 2021 game pins either. Need to either buy them while available from the awards store, or make sure 3468 still knows where they stashed them from the last two kit of parts.

I was really just planning to limit this to the lapel pins. Though whenever I need to get a second shadowbox I may add in some of the team pins.

Need to dig up one of those “1st gen” bad print 3946 pins if I do that though!

Not to butt in on the family :slight_smile: , but this is awesome.

My wife and I got something similar to these, and have been proudly hanging our pins in our living room together.

Now to find something to do with our (small but precious) medal and champs nametag collections.

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